Vision, Mission ,Objectives,Mandate&Motto

 University Mission statement

To provide Innovative Education, Training, Research, and Consultancy services for sustainable community empowerment.


 University Vision statement

Be a leading Global University in Training, Research and Innovation for Co-operative Development.


 University Motto

Quality Co-operative training


 University Objective

Our broad objective is to equip co-operative staff and members of the co-operative movement, Government, non-governmental organizations and other related sectors with appropriate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that would enable them contribute more effectively to the development of various sectors of the economy.


 University Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality and excellence
  • Teamwork


 University Mandate

  • Provide co-operative education and training.
  • Promote the development and expansion of opportunities for continuing education in Co-operative management and finance.
  • Undertake research in co-operative movement.
  • Provide consultancy services in co-operative management and other development areas.
  • Conduct examinations and award diplomas, certificates and other academic awards of the college.
  • Develop and review syllabuses and curricular for education and training.
  • Examine and make proposals for the establishment of constituent training centers, departments and facilities.
  • Collaborate with other national and international co-operative colleges, and universities and other institutions in the field of co-operative education and training, in research and consultancy services and other exchange programs.