Sensitization of Boda Boda Operators

On the 9th of March, the government of Kenya came up with measures to regulate the Boda Boda sub-sector. One of them was for all Boda Boda users to join cooperatives and Saccos and each to have a license. The Co-operative University in turn came up with ways to educate the operators and help them join the cooperatives.

The forum was officially commenced by the DVC -Academic, Co-operative Development, Research, and Innovation Division, Professor Isaac .K. Nyamongo. He welcomed everyone present and thanked them for gracing the occasion.  He went on and encouraged the operators to join the cooperatives and be united.

‘’ If there is no unity within the cooperatives then there will be no progress.’’  Mr  Isaac Nyamongo said

Prof. Isaac K. Nyamongo, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Co-operative Development, Research, and innovation Division) addressing the boda-boda operators.

Joining cooperatives and being united will make the cooperatives grow and the bodaboda operators grow in so many areas.  This means that in years to come they will be able to have their own workshops and other developments. Also, the bodaboda operators will be able to have different sources of income and not only depend on  Boda Boda operations. The registrar( CDRI)  Dr. Lydia also encouraged the bodaboda operators to have unity, and cooperation and never be afraid of taking risks.

Mr. Morris Githui,  a  representative of the State Department for Co-operatives talked about how to join the cooperatives and what is needed for one to be a member of a cooperative. He also talked about the advantages of joining a cooperative movement.

The Boda Boda transport cooperatives will promote and create managements which will promote the transport business and also help operators manage their businesses in an organized manner in accordance with NTSA regulations and finally help the operators create their own code of conduct. The committee formed will be in charge of discipline and making sure rules and regulation placed are followed by all members. The cooperatives will also create and encourage savings and offer affordable credits to their members. In addition, they will be able to provide the purchase and sale of motorcycles and related accessories. They will provide road safety awareness among members and the community at large.


  • One must have a boda boda
  • Be on a route that is designated within that Boda Boda transport cooperative
  • Be an employee of the cooperative
  • You must be 18 years and above. A minor can be a member through a nominee
  • You must be of a good character and sound mind
  • You should not be a member of another cooperative carrying the same activity in the same area
  • Must pay a registration fee. ( amount is agreed by the members)
  • Any cooperative must have a member register and can be either a hard copy or a soft copy. Members will be given a unique identification number.

Every cooperative will have a committee which will be in charge of various activities in the cooperative.

The work of the committee is;

  • Maintaining law and order within the cooperative
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders in the sector to coordinate the Boda Boda business
  • Ensure only serviceable and insured motorcycles are allowed to operate on the designated routes
  • There will be payment of the root management fee. The committee’s work is to  ensure each member pays it on time without any excuse
  • Ensure cooperatives provide services in line with NTSA regulations. Again the committee can decide which motorcycles are in good shape to provide services
  • They will decide on the mode of payment of services either through M-pesa or cash or using a till number.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The operators were given a chance to ask questions which were clarified by the NTSA officer and were later on given a chance to ask more personal questions. The chairman for Boda Boda operators gave a vote of thanks and the event was drawn to a close by Dr Lydia,  The Registrar ( CDRI ).

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