Speech by CS Ministry of Education Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed,


The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives, Hon Peter Munya

The PS State Department of University Education, Prof. Colleta Suda

The Chair, The Co-operative University of Kenya Governing Council, Dr. Ibrahim Ali,

The Co-operative University of Kenya Council Members,

The Vice Chancellor of The Co-operative University of Kenya, Prof. Kamau Ngamau

Vice Chancellors of other Universities present

Deputy Vice Chancellors of CUK

Deputy Vice Chancellors of other Universities present

Distinguished guests and leaders of the co-operative movement,

Our 2018 Graduands

Ladies and Gentlemen


It gives me great pleasure to join the University community, parents, guardians, sponsors and other stakeholders to celebrate the 3rd Graduation Ceremony of this University. To the graduands I say congratulations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since its humble beginnings in 1952 as the East African School of Co-operation, the Co-operative University of Kenya has consistently played a pivotal role in the growth and development of not only the Co-operative sector in Kenya through training of professional staff in the cooperative sector but also in the University Education Sector.

The award of a University Charter to the University 3 years ago is an important milestone for the institution and the Kenya Co-operative Movement which covers almost all the sectors of the economy. I am informed that our Co-operative movement with over 20,000 Co-operatives, over 12 million members, about 500, 000 employees, and a capital base of over Kshs. 450 billion and contributing more than 45% to GDP, is number one in Africa and 7th globally. This University has contributed immensely towards this achievement that we are proud of as a nation.

Distinguished Guests

The University is on a positive growth trajectory. I am encouraged that you are working closely with industry in developing new academic programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This will ensure relevance of the training the institution provides. My Ministry is committed to ensuring that laid guidelines are followed and in this you have my support. I encourage you to ensure relevance and alignment to the Big Four both in terms of teaching and research. This will assist this institution to take its right place in the public University education system not only in Kenya but in the region and beyond.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the main concerns of many students, and indeed parents and guardians, is employment opportunities within their areas of study after they complete the courses they have pursued. In this regard my Ministry has recently launched the office of career services. I call upon all University students and especially graduands to think not only about being employed but of being employers in their own right. The Co-operative Business model that allows people with common interest to pool together their resources and offer services through an organization that they jointly own and control can be used to create jobs and wealth for any professional category of graduates including accountants, engineers, Co-operative professionals, medical practitioners and food science professionals, among others.


I am particularly happy to note that The Co-operative University of Kenya is currently actively engaged in a process of renewing partnership building with the Mondragon University of Spain to introduce studies and technologies that will enable Kenya to establish worker-based Co-operative model that will enable skilled people to establish, own and run workers’ Co-operatives that will contribute significantly to the realization of Vision 2030 and in particular the government’s Big 4 Agenda.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Having said that, allow me to inform the graduands that having worked hard and qualified to graduate today, you are now wholesomely prepared to fit in the world of work, either as employees or employers. One of the key issues to address in your prospective work places is upholding personal integrity, being committed to your work and your country. But remember, this qualification should not be the end of your studies and self-improvement. I encourage you to enroll for higher studies and become whatever you have always wanted to become.

With those remarks, I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Thank you and May God bless you.

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