Orientation of the New Co-operative University Students


The Deputy Vice Chancellors:

Academic Affairs, Prof. Emily Achieng’ Akuno  Finance, Planning and Administration, Prof. Esther Magiri Co-operative Development, Research and Innovation Prof. Isaac Nyamongo The Registrars,The Deans of Schools, Directors of Campuses, Institutes and Directories Chairpersons of departments Teaching and Non-teaching Members of staff,Students’ Leaders Present Our new students

Ladies and gentlemen,

This afternoon, marks a great milestone in your academic life. We are delighted at your choice to study at The Co-operative University of Kenya in Karen. This is a conducive learning environment for serious academic work. It is my hope that this environment favors your academic life to make you great men and women in future.

Dear students,

Perhaps you chose this University with limited knowledge. It is my hope and desire that the knowledge you have of this great University will be tremendously enhanced by the time you will be graduating. We endeavor to shape your academic life and your careers moving forward. I join my colleagues to welcome you to this very special University with a special mandate in the Republic of Kenya. Our expectation is that your energies, ideas and actions will significantly contribute towards making this institution better than you found it.

Dear freshmen and women,

You were selected to join CUK based on your performance and the choice you made to study here either through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services or direct application. It is our hope and prayer that your sojourn in this institution will help you realize your career dreams and goals.
I call upon you to adapt to the University system of running affairs as soon as possible and get on to the business that brought you here. As you may have been made aware of during the orientation programme, The Co-operative University of Kenya is known for the quality of our graduates. It is therefore incumbent upon you to maintain that high standard. In the University the role of a lecturer is to introduce you to a concept and it is upon the student to deepen their understanding through individual study of recommended texts. It is therefore your onus to befriend the library and make use of the resources that have been acquired at great expense.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am aware over the week, you have interacted with various heads of sections and departments who gave you guidance on your stay here. I note with appreciation that since you came, we have not had any challenges and complaints. We are a student centered university with an open door policy. Further take note that we have elaborate structures as you have been advised for communication and handling conflicts or problems in case they rise. You are advised to acquaint yourself with the student rules and regulations as they guide your stay here.Dear students,As freshmen and women joining this University, you are well aware that Universities are centers of academic excellence. Our VISION STATEMENT is very clear; we strive to be a Leading Global University in Training, Research and Innovation for Co-operative Development. To this end we encourage students to develop innovative ideas that can be incubated into useful products for commercialization. The University is in the process of setting up an innovation and incubation center under CDRI.

Our Dear Students,

As a University, we value discipline. I call upon all of you to conduct yourselves maturely. Be reminded you that you came from your homes alone and alone you will go to the job market at the end of your programme. Most of the time, you start schooling as many but by the end of the session, some are filtered by the system due to various avoidable and unavoidable circumstances. You should endeavor to all graduate as a team at the end of your programme. We shall be glad to celebrate your success. I implore you to be our good ambassadors in and out of the school. 
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am confident that The Co-operative University of Kenya is committed to provision of quality Co-operative Education, Training, Research and Consultancy, and we will continue as before to meet our customers’ expectations to the letter. The Co-operative University of Kenya was recertified to the ISO 9001:2015 in July 2017. To enable the University undertake its mandate as pledged in our service charter, we urge you to also to play you part dutifully by paying your fees. With regard to fees payment, the University shall strictly enforce its fee payment policy with effect from the current semester. The fee payment policy states that a student shall pay 50% at the beginning of the semester for registration and the balance 50% two weeks before the end of the semester to be allowed to sit examinations. The deadline for registration is three weeks from the beginning of the semester. A student who fails to pay the 50% by the deadline, they shall not be registered for that semester. He/she shall be required to defer his/her studies to the next available semester. There shall be no late registration.Lastly I call upon you to be your own moral prefects. Note that your life is yours alone; keep off from drugs. Be responsible citizens. Make use of your library resources and other resources available in the University. Participate in sporting activities and other co-curricular activities. This will make you an all-round student and a responsible citizen in future. Work closely with your student leaders and the office of the dean of students; in case of any complaints or misunderstanding, we have adequate structures to handle grievances; Civilization and decorum is our hallmark here at the University. 
With those few remarks, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to The Co-operative University of Kenya. 
Thank you and God Bless you.

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University bank accounts

All payments to the institution are payable to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Equity Bank Kenya
Co-operative Bank –Account No.01129062663600 (Karen Branch). The University does not accept cash payments
Equity Bank of Kenya-Account Number 1250277107862(Karen Supreme branch)

Mpesa payment option

Procedure for fee payment through M-Pesa:

  1. Go to M-Pesa;
  2. Select pay bill or pay with M-Pesa then pay bill;
  3. Enter business number 728176;
  4. Enter account number (e.g BCMC01/0001/2022);
  5. Enter amount;
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN;
  7. Confirm the details then press OK.

N/B: You’ll get 2 messages, 1 from M-Pesa and the other from cooperative bank of Kenya showing that your payment has gone through.

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