The Learning Resource Centre’s Handover Ceremony

The Co-operative University of Kenya fraternity was on 22nd  September 2022  thrilled to hold an official handover ceremony for the Learning Resource Centre Library Building, which will provide a new reading space for our students and the entire CUK fraternity.

The construction of the five-storey building commenced on 21st March  2019 with a vision of creating an excellent resource for all the book lovers in the institution. Through the hard, commendable work and partnership of the building contractors and the institution, the project is now ready for use and will contribute heavily to helping students establish themselves in the university community and teach the power of research.

CUK’s DVC.-CDRI .Prof. Isaac Nyamongo receives the Keys for the complete Learning resource Centre from the main constructor.


CUK’s House Keeper, Ms.Eunah happy to receive the keys to the Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre building has a fleet of stairs leading to the top of the building which gives a beautiful outlook of the University. The large windows let sunlight pour into the rooms, creating a warm atmosphere that will help make studying more enjoyable by avoiding eye strain and headaches.


The Co-operative University is extremely grateful to the Government of Kenya’s Ministry of Education for funding the construction of this building, as well as the construction companies’ collaboration with CUK. We look forward to expanding our collaborations.

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