Bachelors of Community Development

Duration of the Programme
The Programme will run for a period of 4 years for 8 semesters
Mode of Study
Full time and part-time via IODEL
Employment Opportunities
  1. Institutions of higher learning
  2. Government ministries
  3. Cooperative sector and banks
  4. Research institutions
  5. Non-governmental organizations
  6. Self-employment as a consultant
Credit Waiver/Transfer

Diploma holders may be allowed a credit waiver of some courses towards the degree programme, but they will join the programme from year one as other regular students

University Bank Accounts

All payments to the institution are payable to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Equity Bank Kenya 

Co-operative Bank –Account No.01129062663600 (Karen Branch). The University does not accept cash payments

Equity Bank of Kenya-Account Number 1250277107862(Karen Supreme branch)

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