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Strategic Direction
The Department of Entrepreneurship and Economics is one of the departments in the School of Business and Economics of The Cooperative University of Kenya. It was started in the year 2016 with over 300 students and 8 members of teaching staff assisted by part-time teaching staff, the department run 14 academic programmes: undergraduate and diploma of various disciplines. The Department has continually met most of its targets in terms of teaching, research, and community service and infrastructure development and is committed to continually improve its services to satisfy its customers. In order to enhance delivery and quality learning process the department values stakeholder’s inputs including departmental staff and student’s alumni and staff from other departments. The Department is very dynamic, innovative, committed to excellence and has established itself as a clear leader in Entrepreneurship and Economics in the world of academia.
Departmental Mandate
To advance learning, knowledge, and innovation through teaching, research and consultancy on all matters relating to business studies for quality graduates.
Our Vision
To be a dynamic epicenter of excellence in training, Education, research and innovation
Our Mission
To provide superior quality knowledge through, research and innovation aimed at producing leaders in Business, entrepreneurship and Economics.
Our Philosophy
Enhancing human capacity through dynamic relevant training, education, research and innovation.
Department Core Values
Consistently Provide Services that Exceed the Expectations of our Customers.
Quality Objectives
  1.  To enhance teaching by ensuring 100%effective completion of the syllabus and at least 75% class attendance by both students and lecturers.
  2. To  Administer examinations and process semester results efficiently and effectively
  3. To enhance customer satisfaction through departmental frequent consultative meetings and what’s up communication with class representatives.
  4. To Develop and introduce one new demand-driven post graduate and /or undergraduate and/or diploma programmes per year.
  5. To promote research, consultancy and dissemination of new knowledge through publishing at least 1 paper in every financial year.
Strategic Objectives
  1.  Develop and improve the quality of life the youth to be mature and responsible individuals who can function effectively as persons, community members and world citizens.
  2.  Promote high Quality academic training though programs that meet national and global manpower demands.
  3.  Promote Research and dissemination of knowledge
  4. Enhance awareness and active involvement of the departmental members in various outreach projects and activities
  5. Keeping breast and responding to emerging  issues in training, education, research and innovation
Our Core Values
  1. Integrity – embraces honesty, truthfulness, accountability and transparency in all our  knowledge dissemination engagements
  2.  Innovativeness – The department is committed to encouraging novelty in ideas and technologies in all its endeavors.
  3.  Professionalism – The department has highly qualified staff with high level of  integrity the committed to  work ethics in provision of services.
  4. Customer focus – We ensure that our objectives and operations are linked to customer needs and expectations. We therefore focus on strategies to meet current and future expectations of our customers.
  5.  Teamwork – We acknowledge and continuously strengthen unity of purpose  and  embrace collective responsibility for the efficient delivery of services

“Knowledge is Power that Transforms”

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