How Do I Get My Admission Letter?
  1. Access the University website (https://cuk.ac.ke/ ) on the top menu, click on ADMISSION which will redirect you to the admissions website;
  2. On the Admissions website (https://cuk.ac.ke/admissions/ ) click on Admissions Letters Download which will redirect you to the Student Self-Service portal
  3. On the Student Self-Service portal Enter your KCSE Index number and click on check status (e.g. 123456789/2021 where 123456789 is the index number and 2021 is your KCSE year)
  4. Click “Check Status ”
  5. Fill in the details in the following fields:-Mobile Number
  • ID Number (Use guardian’s ID number if you do not have a national ID)
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Year of birth
  • County 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Accommodation details
  • Guardian details
  1. Click “Submit Details”
  2. Click “Download Admission Letter”
  3. Click “Download Joining Instructions”
What Do I Do Next After I Receive a Letter of Offer to Study at the University?
  1. On the Admissions website ( https://cuk.ac.ke/admissions/) click on Admissions Letters Download which will redirect to the Student Self-Service portal
  2. On the Student Self-Service portal click on Registration Activation Tab
  3. Enter your Admission Number (use capital letters) and click Load to view your updated data;
  4. Attach documents indicated as attachments and submit;
  5. You will be redirected to the Students portal;
  6. Enter your Admissions number in the first text box labeled Student Number
  7. Enter your Admission Number in the second text box labeled Password (You will be required to change your password);
  8. Click on Log In;
  9. Pay your Fees;
  10. Click on Finance Registration and then Click on Register;
  1. Click on Unit Registration to register for units on offer for the semester;
  2. Click on Confirm All to book for units;
  3. Click on Accommodation to book and reserve University hostel;
  4. Choose your hostel accordingly and click on Submit;
  5. Print your room booking report for presentation at accommodation office for keys/mattress collection on reporting date 


  • Finance registration is only possible for those who have paid at least 50% of the total fees 
  • Hostel Room Booking is only possible for those who have done Finance Registration
How Do I Get a Room at the University
  1. Apply online through the Student’s Portal.
  2. Print room booking slip and present it to the Housekeeper on admission day for room allocation.

NB. Students who  wish to secure accommodation at the University hostels will be required to pay at least 50% of the prescribed semester fees and full accommodation fees before room allocation.

How Do I Know My Registration Was Successful?
  1. Login to the student portal
  2. Click on Finance Registration, if its indicated registered then you’ve Successfully completed finance registration 
  3. Click on Unit Registration, ensure all units are confirmed
How Do I Log in to the Students’ Portal?
  1. Access the students’ portal through this link https://studentportal.cuk.ac.ke/portal/ 
  2. Log in using the Admissions number in the first text box labeled Student Number
  3.  Password: Enter your Admission Number (You will be required to change your password).
  4. Click on Log In

In case you forget your password; use the “Forgot your password? To reset your password

How Do I Defer My Studies?
  1. Complete the Deferment form  
  2. Deferment form should be downloaded on the University Website under student Downloads 
  3. The form should be signed by the  Dean/Director of your respective School/Institute 
  4. Submit it to the Admissions Office
How Do I Get Re-admitted Back After Deferment?
  1. omplete the re-admission/re-registration form   
  2. The form should be signed by the  Dean/Director of your respective School/Institute 
  3. Submit it to the Admissions Office
I’m Trying to Register but the Portal Says I’m 37 Days Late.
You’re trying to register past the stipulated registration deadline. Seek help from the Admissions Office
Is the Admission Number the Same as the Registration Number?


What is the Fee Payment Mode?

The University does not accept cash payments and personal cheques; all payments to the institution should be payable through any of the following means:


  1. Co-operative bank:  Account Number  01129062663600 – Karen Branch (M-Pesa Paybill no. 400222 A/C no. 723#admission number) 
  2. Equity Bank of Kenya:  Account Number 1250277107862 – Karen Supreme branch
  3. Bankers cheque to be presented to the University’s Cash Office;
  4. Cheques from CDF, County funds and other sponsors to be presented to the University’s Cash Office accompanied by a forwarding letter from the organization.
Where Can I Find the Fee Structure?

The fee structure can be downloaded from the University website:https://cuk.ac.ke/admissions/fee-structures/

Which Programmes Does the University Offer?

The programmes we offer can be accessed here: https://cuk.ac.ke/admissions/academic-programmes/

How Much is the Accommodation Fee?
The University accommodation fee is Kshs 12,000
Do Ssp and Kuccps Students Pay the Same Accommodation Fee?
Yes. Both the Self Sponsored and the Government Sponsored students pay the same accommodation fee
Does the University Monitor the Private Rented Accommodation It Advertises to Its Students?
Yes. The University Housekeeping Department inspects all the private hostels to ensure that they provide a conducive environment for students in terms of security, cleanliness and other general aspects before we allow them to advertise to our students.
How Do I Access the Programme Application Forms?

To apply for programmes you will be required to download the application forms from our website via the following links:

  1. Undergraduate Application form: https://www.cuk.ac.ke/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/APPLICATION-FORM-BACHELORS-DIPLOMA-CERTIFICATE-PROGRAMMES.pdf
  2. Postgraduate Application form: https://www.cuk.ac.ke/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/APPLICATION-FORM-POSTGRADUATE-PROGRAMMES.pdf
  3. In addition to the filled application form, please attach a copy of high school and any other academic certificates & transcripts and a copy of your national ID or passport.

Duly filled forms should be scanned and emailed to admissions@cuk.ac.ke with proof of payment of a non-refundable application fee. 


How Much is the Application Fee?
  1. A non-refundable fee for processing application is charged as follows:


    •  Diploma/Certificates programs – KES. 500/=; 
    • Degree programs – KES. 1,500/= ; 
    • Master’s Programs – KES. 2,000/=  ; 
    • PhD Programs Kes. 3,000 

    Paid through bank deposit at any Co-operative Bank of Kenya Account No. 01129062663600, Karen Branch or Equity Bank of Kenya: Account Number 1250277107862 – Karen Supreme branch or through M-Pesa Paybill no. 400222 A/C 723#ID Number.

How Do I Pay for an Application?
  1. Co-operative bank:  Account Number  01129062663600 – Karen Branch (M-Pesa Paybill no. 400222 A/C no. 723#ID number) 
  2. Equity Bank of Kenya:  Account Number 1250277107862 – Karen Supreme branch
How Do I Transfer From One Institution to the Co-operative University of Kenya (Cuk)
  1. Government Sponsored Students
    The transfer is done online through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) website.


    1. Login to the KUCCPs Student portal:  https://students.kuccps.net/ 
    2. Click on Institutions then select COPUK from the list of Institutions. 
    3. All the programmes offered at the University are displayed here. Click on the programme you want to transfer to. Your cluster weight will be displayed on the last column on the far left side. 
    4. Compare your cluster weight with the cut-off on the first column. If the cluster weight is equal to or greater than the cut-off and  you meet the required cluster subjects & the minimum subject requirements then you qualify for the course. Follow the instructions provided and request for Inter-University transfer to COPUK 
    5. If your cluster weight is less than the cut-off,  you DO NOT qualify for that course and therefore, you should NOT request for change to that course
    6. Once approved, KUCCPS will upload a transfer letter to the student’s portal.
    7. The University will use the transfer letter to issue the student an admission letter.

    NB. Our initials on the KUCCPS portal is COPUK

    Government Sponsored Students from previous years

    1. Identify a course at The Co-operative University of Kenya.
    2. Check whether you qualify for the course you want to transfer to.
    3. Write a letter to the CEO KUCCPS , through the Vice-chancellor/Principal where you were admitted and through VC, The Co-operative University of Kenya
    4. The letter should be signed by the VC’s of both institutions before being submitted to KUCCPS
How Do I Change From My Initial Course/programme of Study?
  1. Check whether you qualify for the course you want to transfer to
  2. Complete the Inter/inter school transfer form   
  3. The form should be signed by the Dean/Director of the School/Institute where you are leaving and where you are going.
  4. Submit it to the Admissions Office 
How Do I Create the Cuk Email:
  1. Visit the University website (https://cuk.ac.ke/ ) on the main menu, under Students
  2. Click on Email Activation
  3. You will be redirected to this page https://ujumbe.cuk.ac.ke/ 
  4. Enter your Registration/Admissions number  
  5. Your account details will appear. Follow the instructions indicted below your email details.

NB. Use the Gmail platform to login to your email

NB. Student Email will only be available once a student is confirmed to be a CUK student, and that’s by finishing the admissions process.

What Do I Do if I Have Forgotten My University Email?
Write to your ICT Office ictsupport@cuk.ac.ke. Give all your student details (Name, registration number, programme, faculty) 
What’s the Procedure for Resetting a Student Password?
Write to your campus ICT helpdesk Email ictsupport@cuk.ac.ke. Give all your details.(Full names and Registration number) Once its reset, put a recovery phone and email for password reset.


How Exactly Are We Going to Get Communication From the University?
All communication shall be sent to you via your University student email address, so it’s important that you activate your email and check it frequently. 
Does the University Have Free Wi-fi for Students?
YES. Username CUKWIFI and password ushirika
Does the University Orient Students?
Yes. Students are oriented the day after the official reporting date? All new students are required to attend the orientation sessions. 
What Are the Key Dates in the University Academic Calendar?

We have in-takes in January, May and September of each year. Graduation is normally conducted in December.  KUCCPS students are enrolled between August and September of each year. Students go for long holidays between May and September. These dates may vary on special occasions. 

Does the University Offer Short and Bridging Courses?
The University offers short courses. Currently, we do not provide bridging programmes.
Does the University Admit International Students?

Yes. The University does admit qualified International students who have applied and have their certificates equated with the Kenyan education system, that is, Commission for University Education (CUE)Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA).

How Do I Get in Touch With You in Case I Need Assistance?
  1. Registrar (Academic Affairs): registraraa@cuka.c.ke 
  2. Admissions Office: Telephone: 0797 308 676 Email: admissions@cuk.ac.ke
  3. Student Communications Office: Telephone: 0724 311 606 Email communication@students.cuk.ac.ke
  4. Student Finance: studentfinance@cuk.ac.ke
  5. ICT Office: ictsupport@cuk.ac.ke
  6. You may also visit our website at www.cuk.ac.ke to get more information.
How Do I Channel a Complaint or Compliment?

Any complaint or compliment can be addressed to:


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