Groundbreaking: SBE Dean’s Elections 2024

By Meshack Ngangi and John Maina

June 4, 2024

The June 4th elections for the Dean School of Business and Economics were a groundbreaking achievement in the history of our University. The transition from appointed dean to an elective 2-year term position presented an opportunity that attracted two worthy contestants who qualified for this elective deanship seat, Dr. Methuselah Bichage and Dr. Lucy Maina. This process came at a period nearing the end of the current Dean, Dr. Monicah Nderitu’s term in office. 

The first democratic process for electing deans at The Co-operative University of Kenya was steered by the Board of Elections chaired by Dr. Shem Mbandu, Dean of the School of Computing and Mathematics, and comprised of Dr. Lydia Mutua, Ms Catherine Wamabari, Mr. Clinton Nyamongo and Ms. Salome Mwangi, as the members. On the material day, the elections occurred at The Co-operative Retreat and Conference Centre (CRCC).

Returning Officer, Prof. Kennedy Waweru (5th right), Chairperson of the Board of Elections, Dr. Shem Mbandu (3rd right), SBE Dean-Elect Dr. Lucy Maina (6th right), Members of the Board of Elections, UASU Secretary General Dr. Duncan Nyale (2nd right), SBE Faculty members at a photo session after the elections of Dean School of Business and Economics on May 6, 2024, at The Co-operative Retreat and Conference Centre (CRCC), Main Campus, Karen-Nairobi.

This noble function attracted twenty-one (21) dons in the School of Business and Economics, which statistically translated to 100% voter turnout. Out of the 21 eligible voters, Dr. Lucy Maina claimed a triumphant win, scooping sixteen (16) votes, while Dr. Methuselah Bichage garnered five (5) votes without any spoilt ballot.

The election’s returning officer, Prof. Kennedy Waweru, observed this process as having a turn-about potential that the University has tapped to re-engineer its business processes and claim more victory as an academic giant commanding higher education in Kenya.

In an interview with Dr. Shem Mbandu, Chairperson of the Board of Elections for the Dean (SBE), he described the elections as a first-time experience and a steep learning curve where its members learned and designed the electoral process on the go.  Dr. Shem clarified that the elective deanship aligned with the University’s vision and was a bold step in bolstering attaining its mission. 

Speaking at the elections, Dr. Duncan Nyale, The Co-operative University of Kenya’s Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) Secretary General, observed the process as a watershed moment for the entire university fraternity.

He described some of the primary roles of the Dean-elect as holding enriching discussions and representing the interests of her faculty members. In his remarks, Dr. Nyale expressed complete confidence in Dr. Lucy Maina’s capability to lead the SBE faculty to higher heights.

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