Matriculation: Fresh Ladies and Gentlemen, May 2024

By Meshack Ngangi

May 14, 2024

The atmosphere of Tuesday, May 14, 2024, dawn was filled with a breathtaking sense of purpose, resolve for academic excellence, and a decisive resolution to conquer the higher education pursuit among the freshly admitted students.

During the day’s opening session, which began at 8:00 a.m., the Ag. Registrar for Academic Co-operative Development, Research and Innovation (ACDRI) Dr. Lydia Mutua exemplified the dire need for students to prioritise their quest for academic growth.

She further emphasised the importance of harnessing their infinite innate power of self-actualisation for holistic development and to conquer the ever-dynamic challenges of the contemporary world.

Prof. Kennedy Waweru (in Graduation Regalia), flanked by the Ag. Dean of Students Dr. Grace Okello (to the right), staff and the newly enrolled students at The Co-operative University of Kenya Main Campus, Karen-Nairobi, on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

The admissions and student registry department, through Madam Joy Ayuma, onboarded the fresh men and women to the academic processes of admissions and maintaining studentship.

The presentation targeted the precise areas of registration, deregistration, deferment of studies, change of course and academic leave application process.

On the change of course subject matter, Madam Ayuma encouraged the students to use career guidance and the counsel of academic mentors in the departments, appeal to their critical thinking, and ultimately factor in the elements of passion and individual academic capabilities.

Sensitisation on student finance issues never lagged but was a prominent concern and issue of discussion during the first day of the matriculation exercise.

Samuel Njiru of the University’s Finance department demystified student finance by providing a concise framework that guides the institution’s fee payment policy.

In his remarks, he outlined the mechanisms the University has established through a streamlined, real-time integrated payment system that strictly requires students to utilise their registration numbers when making payments to the University’s Co-operative Bank and Equity Bank accounts (as indicated on the University website).

Several finance-related aspects were stressed, including the accurate indication of The Co-operative University of Kenya’s name in the cheques, the M-pesa payment enabled method through the student portal, the fee payment plans, the prohibition of personal cheques and cash payments, and semesterly finance registration. 

George Kanja, who represented the principal ICT officer in the orientation exercise, handled the ICT-related matters.

“The ICT Department undertakes the roles of ICT support, providing technical support, managing the university’s computing resources, and cyber security, among other crucial functions,” expressed Mr. Kanja.

In the presentation, the new students were procedurally and practically guided through registering and navigating the student online management system—the uniplus, e-masomo and unit registration, email activation, and changing their password on the student portal.

The ICT officer further explained the University’s endowment with four fully equipped modern-technology-powered computer laboratories that enable students to undertake practical lessons without hassle.

In the patting shot, Mr. Kanja expressed the department’s recent achievement of the newly launched University website, which has heavily integrated the current technological trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it more interactive and responsive to client engagements. 

The Examinations Department of the University expressly gave a detailed presentation of the procedures and rules governing the conduct of examinations.

Hellen Njuki explained the bedrock core attributes of trust, honesty, and unparalleled academic integrity, among others, that constitute the department’s guiding principles.

She categorically outlined the grave disciplinary penalties that come with involvement in examination malpractices as guided by the University policies.

The presentation centrally infused the different types of examinations offered and the assessment framework, giving students a clear direction on the University’s expectations regarding examinations.

The Ag. Dean of Students, Dr. Grace Okello, explicitly indicated that her office deals with student welfare matters that facilitate the holistic growth of the student body.

Speaking at the orientation forum, Dr. Okello outlined the pivotal role the Dean’s office plays in connecting students’ matters to University management.

Among other functions, the office supports student life within the University by offering guidance and counselling, registering student clubs and societies, facilitating democratic student elections, supporting games and sporting activities, handling alumni services and coordinating their activities, career services, HIV/AIDS sensitisation and control, and upholding the general student behaviour matters.

Under the Health Unit, Tabitha Kiarie acquainted the new students with the services the medical unit provides, detailing the pharmacological procedures one needs to follow to be attended to.

She underscored the proactive strategies the health provider has enacted to handle student emergencies such as injuries and asthmatic attacks.

“The medical facility, Health Unit, has been equipped with top-notch medical and laboratory equipment that enable us to serve the ever-growing needs of the University’s student population,” Tabitha said.

The Registrar’s Finance, Planning, and Administration office oriented the new cohort on the utilisation and stewardship of university resources.

Speaking at the orientation activity, Mr. Nelson Lwiki expressed the necessity of every student responsibly upholding optimal utilization of University resources for academic purposes and personal wholesome growth. 

At the orientation function, Robert Matano, the Ag. Chief Security Officer (CSO) strategically singled out the element of securing oneself since security is a personal initiative that each student is responsible for the same.

Security issues at the orientation were given a 360-degree viewpoint, with every party having a role to play.

The security officer exemplified the code of conduct that translates to an offence under the accepted decorum by the University rules and regulations governing their stay at the institution.

The library department, through its representative Kelvin Kimathi, elaborated on the services offered, including the provision of learning materials, both physical and online.

Further, the representative stressed the University’s resolve to uphold academic standards and integrity through tools such as Turnitin.

The Corporate Communication and Marketing Department sensitised the students on complaints and complaints handling infrastructure and the Access to Information Act of 2016.

The department’s presentation spanned the departmental structure, functions, channels of communication, the University’s publications, and the complaints handling process.

At the close of day one, The Co-operative University of Kenya’s Student Union leadership, led by their chairperson, Mr. Newton Kipleting, had an interactive session with the new students, offering them the nitty-gritty of surviving University life. 

The students’ president congratulated the new cohort on reaching a milestone in their academic journey and welcomed them to the University, where there are endless opportunities for growth, learning and personal development.

May 15, 2024

Prof. Kennedy Waweru delivers the Vice Chancellor’s address to the newly enrolled students on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, during the closing of the two-day matriculation exercise at The Co-operative University of Kenya Main Campus, Karen-Nairobi.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024, marked the final day of the two-day matriculation process. The human resource department and the Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training (I-TVET) presented presentations that were crowned with the Vice Chancellor’s address. 

During this day’s activities, John Mark Omollo represented the Human Resource Department and sensitised the new students on the sexual harassment policy.

In his presentation, the speaker stated that the policy provides appropriate procedures to address sexual harassment and prevent its recurrence.

Further, the policy’s explanation established that it aims to develop a workplace and a University free of sexual harassment where employees and students respect one another’s integrity, dignity, privacy, and right to equality.

Dr. Daniel Langat, the Director of I-TVET, underscored the need for students to capitalise on the educational aspect of their stay at The Co-operative University of Kenya and appealed to new students to scale the academic ladder from Certificate to Diploma to Bachelor to Master to Doctorate levels.

The Director clarified that the University is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and  Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (TVET CDACC) and mandated to offer diplomas under the umbrella organisation.

Dr. Langat expressed a strong sentiment for learners to embrace goal setting to attain academic goals.

The climax of the orientation was the Vice Chancellor’s speech, which was met with the utmost attention, interactive dialogues, and heart-to-heart conversations about the university’s life experience.

Prof. Kennedy Waweru, the Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Co-operative Development, Research, and Innovation represented the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kamau Ngamau, PhD, E.B.S., in marking the closing of the two-day matriculation ceremony of our new students.

In the Vice Chancellor’s address, Prof. Waweru urged the freshmen to unleash their limitless potential and optimally use the University’s state-of-the-art facilities to actualize their academic dreams.

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