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The Department of Accounting and Finance was started in 2012 and was known by then as the Faculty of Commerce under the Chairmanship of Mr. Naftali Indeche who later passed the mantle to Mr. Jeremiah K. Mugo. In 2013, Professor Bitok who is currently of academic leave took over briefly and then handed over to Dr. Argan O. Wekesa in 2014. Dr. Wekesa served from 2014 up to August 2019. The current Chairman since September 2019 is Mr. Kenneth M. Muriuki.

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The department started with about two (200) hundred students and currently has over two thousand (2,000) students who are sponsored by the government while others are self-sponsored. DAF is indeed the fastest growing Department in the entire University in terms of student registration and number of programmes offered in the University. The department has eleven (11) faculty members whose credentials are as follows: One (1) full Professors, One (1) Associate Professor, four (4) PhD holders and five (5) Master’s degree holders whose pursuit for PhD is at an advance stage. There is also one Administrator who holds a Master’s degree. The department intends to fast track the BCom and BSc Finance accreditation process with ACCA UK and KASNEB before the end of this financial year and to implement the new course unit coding system. The department will liaise with TVET directorate to finalize accreditation process for ACCA diploma in Accounting to be offered as a TVET approved diploma.

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