Department of Mathematical Sciences

Academic Staff and Relevant Support Staff

Name Academic Rank Qualifications Area of Specialization Experience  (years) Workload (No. of hours per week)
Prof. J. M. Kihoro  Professor PhD (Statistics), JKUAT 2006

MSc (Statistics), KU, 1998

BED (Double Maths), KU, 1995

MCP (2000), Microsoft

Applied Statistics



20 6
Prof. Karume Adjunct Associate Professor PhD IT MMUST (2014)

Msc CBIS sunderland (2006)

Bsc Maths & Computer Sc. JKUAT (2000)

Dip in Education, Kenya Science Trainers College (1992)

Software Engineering/ Information systems


Computer Science

15 6
Dr. Argan Wekesa S/Lecturer PhD (Applied Statistics) – JKUAT (2014)

PGD (Actuarial Science) -UoN (2010)

M.Sc (Finance) – KU (2005)

B.Ed (Maths and Business Studies) – KU (2000)

CFA (EA) – 2007

CCP (K) – 2006

CPA (K) – 2004

Applied statistics

Actuarial Science


Maths and Business studies

11 6
Dr Emma Anyika S/Lecturer PhD (Mathematical Statistics) -UON (2014)

MSC (Statistics) – JKUAT (2006)

BEd Science (Double Mathematics) – KU (1993)

CPA-K – (2005)

Statistics, Finance





12 6
Dr Shem Mbandu Angolo  Lecturer PhD (Computer Science)-UESTC (2015)

 MSc Information Systems-UON (2009) 

BEd Technology – 1997

Information Security

Information systems


9 12
Dr. Charles Katila Lecturer PhD (Telecommunications and Information Technologies) -University of bologna (2018)

MSC Telecommunications -University of Bologna (2014) 

BSC Computer Engineering-Kenyatta University (2011)

Communication Networks


Computer Engineering

6 12
Dr Fidelis


Lecturer PhD in Pure Mathematics -Kibabii (2022)

MSc in Pure Mathematics -UoN(2015)

BSc(Mathematics)- Moi(2011)

Certificate – Data Analytics – Udacity(2022)

Certificate – Scientific Computing and Python for Data Science -WQU(2018)

Pure Mathematics (Functional Analysis)

Pure Mathematics


Data analytics 

Data analytics

8 12
Dr David Muriuki  Lecturer PhD in Pure Mathematics (2022)-JKUAT

Msc in Pure Mathematics (2017)-JKUAT

Bsc Mathematics (2015)-SEKU

Pure mathematics (Analysis, Group theory and its applications such as Combinatorics, Coding theory and cryptography) 7 9
Mr David Wachira Ass Lecturer Master of Business Administration (MIS option)-Egerton University (2015)

Bachelor of Science Mathematics & Computer Science (JKUAT-2007)

Information Systems

Mathematics and Computer Science

9 6
Dr. Ronald Ojino Ass. Lecturer PhD (Computer Science), University of Dar es Salaam 2023

MSc (Information Technology), MMUST 2013

BSc (Computing and Information Systems), London Metropolitan Uni 2007

Computer Science

Information Technology

Information Systems

8 6
Mr Silas Maiyo Ass.  Lecturer Master of Science in Computer Science, The University of Nairobi, 2012,

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Moi University, 2006

ICDL, 2009

Computer Science

Computer Science

6 6
Duncan Nyale Ass. Lecturer MSc. (Information Systems), Kisii University, 2014

BSc. (Information Technology), JKUAT, 2009

Information Systems

Information Technology

14 12
Ms Salome Mwangi Ass. Lecturer Master of Business Administration (MIS option) University of Nairobi (2010)

Bachelor of Arts – Economics and Sociology (Egerton University – 2007)

Advanced Diploma in IT – Kenya School of Professional Studies (2005)

Management Information Systems

Economics and Sociology

Information Technology

8 12
Mr Collins Kipkorir Tutorial Fellow MSc. Applied Statistics (2021)- JKUAT.

BSc. Statistics (2017) – SEKU.

Applied Statistics


4 12


  1. b)  Relevant Support Staff
Name Academic Rank Qualifications Area of Specialisation Experience  (years) Remarks

Full/Part time

Mercy Wambui Admin Assistant Diploma in Business Management KIM (2015)

BBM (MIS option) MOI

Management and Administration  11 Full time
Elizabeth Kache Administrative Assistant Bachelor of Co-operative Business JKUAT (2015)

Diploma in Co-operative Management (DCM) CUK (2010)

Certificate in Co-operative Administration (CCA) CUK (2009)

Certificate in Cooperative Business Administration (CBA) CUK (2008)

Management and Administration  10
Milkah Kiveu Asst Office Adm Bachelor In Secretarial Management & Administrative (BSMA) Kisii University – 2019 Secretarial Management and Administration  9 years Full time
Michael Juma ICT Assistant  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (MKU 2022)

Diploma in Information Technology (CUK-2015)

Computer Networks,

Computer hardware,



7 years Full time
Kevin Kimathi ICT Assistant  BBIT (JKUAT-2013) 5 Full time
James Kiragu ICT Assistant  BIT (JKUAT-2011) 7 Full time
George Kanja ICT Assistant BIT (JKUAT-2014)

Diploma in Information Technology (JKUAT-2011)


Computer Networks,


Computer hardware,

5 Full time


c)  Other Teaching personnel from outside the department

Name Academic Rank Qualifications Area of Specialization Experience  (years) Remarks

Full/Part time

Workload (No. of hours per week)
Dr. Jacinta Kingori Lecturer PhD in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance – MMUST-2013

MA Counselling Psychology -Kenyatta University 2006

BED (Arts)–Kenyatta University 1992

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Theology

Humanitarian Assistance 7 Full Time 6
Mr. Osore Tutorial Fellow MSc (Mass communication)-JKUAT 2016

Bachelor of Mass Communication-JKUAT 2014

Mass Communication 2 Part time 12
Dr. Obadia Miroro Lecturer PhD. Developmental Studies, University of KwaZulu Natal-2014

MA, Developmental Studies, UON, 2007

BED (Arts), Kenyatta University-2001

Developmental Studies 5 Full Time 6
Mr. Mwangeka Lecturer, M.Ed. (Ed.Econ) -UON, 2006

B.Ed. (Bus /Econ) -UON, 2001

H.Dip. Business Adm, (Msa Poly)-1993

Dip. Co-op. Mgt – COCK-1987

Co-operative field 12 Full Time 12
Mrs. Grace Okello Lecturer Msc. Entrepreneurship (JKUAT)

Bachelor of Arts (UoN)

Entrepreneurship 10 Full Time 12
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