School of Computing and Mathematics (SCM)


Our Vision
To be the school of choice in Computing and Mathematics in Kenya.
Our Mission

To provide quality education in Computing and Mathematics that nurtures creativity and innovation through training, research, consultancy and linkages for sustainable economic empowerment.
Strategic Objectives

  1. To develop at least Two (2) Bachelor’s Programme & 1 Masters Programme
  2. To promote the use of Learning Management systems to enhance the learning experience by providing course resources online in at least 20% of the offered units
    To establish at least one (1) partnerships / collaborations with other schools/institutions with similar mission
  3. To implement cloud based draft exam typesetting/generation in at least 20% of the taught units
  4. To enhance faculty capacity in research and innovation by conducting at least 2 capacity building trainings
  5. To produce at least 5 academic publications

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