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Do You Need Help With Citing and Referencing?

Why should I cite and acknowledge my sources?

Research ethics requires that one acknowledges the contribution that other scholars have made to their work. In-text citations are brief references in the running text that direct readers to the reference list. Citations ensure that the requisite acknowledgement and credit due to the original author is accorded.

Citation and reference management tools

However, trying to figure out where the commas and full stops should be placed in a reference is not only tedious but time consuming as well. There are also instances where you may not remember the source of a certain phrase which makes it very frustrating and challenging to cite and reference. Zotero and Mendeley reference management tools are free software that aid in automatic citation and referencing and in the management of your sources. Explore the Zotero quick guide and Mendeley reference guide for more information. You may choose either of the software for your research writing.

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