CUK Celebrates 2nd Anniversary


The Co-operative University of Kenya has celebrated its 2nd Anniversary since the award of a University Charter in October 2016. The function celebrated in a high note Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Interdenominational Church Service on Sunday 11th November, 2018 brought together University community led by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kamau Ngamau.

Addressing the staff and students at the University’s Main Campus, the Vice Chancellor thanked the university staff, students and stakeholders for their dedication and teamwork towards building a reputable University. He noted that since the award of a University Charter, CUK had attracted a high number of students pursuing various programmes at the University.

Down the memory lane, the VC noted that, “We are gathered here today as a people of God to thank Him for the Good he has granted us as a University and to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary since award of a University Charter in 2016. Those who know the journey we travelled to get a University Charter, have a clear picture how bumpy the road was. Tough as it was, by the Grace of God we managed.”

Prof. Ngamau asked the CUK students to step up to challenges facing the world and especially the youth and remain strong moral champions the world can emulate while routing for strong moral education starting in families, “It is incumbent upon all of us especially, we the community that is at a higher institution of learning to lead by example. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and not follow the example of Christ the Good Shepherd. As you step out and start families, let your families be the first Church. Moral decadence starts from families; a strong family with moral and Christian values means sane communities and nations. Let charity begin within us and in our homes.”

Others who attended the function included the University’s Management Board’ Registrar Academic Affairs David Otiende, Deputy Registrar CDRI Dr. Lydia Mutua among others.

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