Prof. Douglas Shitanda Remarks in the ‘2015 Iyf World Camp and 3rd World Education Leaders Forum’

World over, it has been recognized that the youth are facing unique challenges in the era of our times. It is in this regard that the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) has come to the hope of the youth worldwide. Recently, the Principal of the Co-operative University College of Kenya, Prof. Douglas Shitanda was a key speaker at the 2015 IYF world culture camp in Korea that took place from 5TH TO 16TH JULY 2015. Prof. Shitanda was appointed a member of the International IYF advisory committee at the same event. In the ‘2015 IYF world camp and 3rd world education leaders forum’ in Korea , CUCK got into preliminary MoUs to collaborate with Gulu University (Uganda), Uganda Martyrs University/ Uganda, Mongolian University of Humanities Darkhan branch /Mongolia, The higher Institute of electrical engineering/ Burkina Faso and Mahanaim Educational Institute (college) run by IYF Worldwide.

Here are the remarks that Prof. Shitanda made in Korea.

The President of IYF
Government Ministers,
Leaders of World Institutions
Members of the NGO fraternity
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am delighted today for this great event taking place in Korea under the umbrella of the International Youth fellowship (IYF). It is indeed wonderful for me to be here to embrace the International Youth Fellowship’s idea of bringing world leaders together from diverse cultures and all over the Globe with the sole objective of enhancing the interest of the youth and nurturing their spiritual growth. This being my first time in Korea, I say thank you to IYF and the people of the Republic of Korea for the tremendous support received.
I stand here today as the Principal of The Co-operative University College of Kenya. The University College was established under Legal Order 161 of 4th November 2011 as a Constituent College of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with the sole mandate of being a leading institution in Co-operative Education, Training, Research and Consultancy. At this point in time, the institution awaits the award of Charter to attain full University status. The institution is situated on the outskirts of Nairobi city and close to the famous Nairobi National park. I welcome you ALL to tour Kenya and enjoy the wildlife warmth.
With over 18,000 registered Co-operative enterprises commanding over 10 Million memberships with over US$4 million in deposits, Kenya has a huge advantage in job creation, products development, industrial attachment, and industrialization among others through co-operative ventures.
For me, this forum would not have come at a better time than it is today when the youth agenda is vital among the leaders of the World. As the World thinks about the youth, I challenge them to think more about themselves today, tomorrow and in the future. The government of Kenya has taken the youth agenda seriously by allocating Millions of US$ for Youth Fund and by guaranteeing allocation of 30% of all Government procurement budget for youth, women and people with physical challenges.
As an institution of higher learning, we have a great responsibility to mould the youth through teaching, training, research and consultancy, thus enabling them to become innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and dependable citizens. The youth therefore have a golden opportunity to transform the World and improve their livelihoods for a better tomorrow.
The youth should therefore not shy away from leadership and since the world leaderships are becoming friendlier to the youth than ever before. They should therefore focus their energies on this competitive advantage and run with it. The youth should be well aware of the challenges facing the World today including climate change so as to ensure their own children have a world to inherit.
It is quite unfortunate that each day about 3,000 youths all over the world get newly infected with HIV/AIDS. The youth have the power to change these statistics to zero.
Worldwide, over 73 million youths are unemployed. Your actions and voice towards this are critical. If the youth lived beyond the technology age, still the 73 million-digit can be reduced to zero. The youth do not need any special preparation to change the world or the order of things. They just need themselves and their vision. The youth have a challenge to free the World from slavery, discrimination, gender incongruence, recklessness and vanity of vanity among others.
Education is a vital component for the youth of all nations. One writer, Dr. Ben Carson, in his book, The Gifted Hands, asserts that education is the greatest equalizer. He further notes that education makes the poorest of the poor to dine with the kings and queens of the World. Were it not for education, then we all could not be in this forum today.
As a University College, we therefore take our responsibility to educate, disseminate knowledge, do research and carry out industrial based consultancy very seriously. We at the same time allow the youth take the central role in our mandate thus making a significant contribution to the growth of the Nation and the World at large.
To support the course of the youth, my University College has impact on three major projects namely;
• Modern Learning Resource Centre
• Information Technology Upgrade
• Institute of Co-operative Development
I have details on the same for your information. I therefore call upon all well wishers and interested parties for your support.
In conclusion, allow me to invite you ones again to The Co-operative University College of Kenya. Come and see how we train our youth to run the best co-operative business model in Africa, which is also the 7th Best in the World. Come and enjoy the great wonders of wildlife and great people of Kenya.
Allow me to once again thank the IYF and the people of the Republic of Korea for such great forum and support accorded for the sake of the youth in the World.
Thank you very much and God bless you all

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