Varsity holds its 1st Annual International Conference on Co-operative Business

The Co-operative University College of Kenya is hosting its first ever international conference on co-operative business. The theme of the conference is “Entrepreneurship and Technology for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development”. This is a forum for interdisciplinary interactions among academia, researchers, Policy makers, Government and business leaders to exchange ideas with a view to finding suitable solutions to some of the challenges facing the society, private and public organizations.

The 3-day (17th-19th June 2015) event was officially opened by the CS MoIE&D, represented by commissioner of co-operatives Mr. Patrick Musyimi saw the university launch their first journal; African Journal on Co-operative Development and Technology.

Other keynote speakers at the conference on the first day include:

  1. CEO KENAFF, Dr. John Mutunga, promoting agribusiness for food security in Kenya
  2. Commissioner of Co-operatives Mr. Patrick Musyimi, The role of co-operative movement in enterprise ventures
  3. CEO KUSSCO Mr. George Ototo, innovations in Saccos
  4. Chairman Transition authority, Mr. Kinuthia WaMwangi, Devolution and Development, does it work?

CUCK’s 1st International Conference on Co-operative Business is a unique and historic event not only in Kenya which is a leader in Africa in terms of co-operative development and 7th best in the world.

Co-operative enterprises are very important to global economic development. Kenya’s long history of Co-operative development is characterized by strong growth, thus making a significant contribution to the overall economy. Co-operatives are recognized by the government to be a major contributor to national development, as co-operatives are found in almost all sectors of the economy.

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