BSC. Applied Statistics and Economics

BSC. Applied Statistics and Economics



                YEAR 1    SEMESTER 1       
1BUCU 1102Life Skills423
2BUCU 1101Communication Skills423
3BUCU 1105Cooperative Philosophy423
4BMAT 1101Basic Mathematics423
5BACC 1101Financial Accounting I423
6BSTA 1132Introduction To Statistical Computing423
7BECO 1103Introduction To Microeconomics423
                                                YEAR 1    SEMESTER 1I     
8BACC 1202Financial Accounting I423
 BUCU 1203Development Studies423
10BMAT 1204Discrete Mathematics423
11BMAT 1205Calculus I423
12BSTA 1203Probability And Statistics I423
13BECO 1211Introduction To Macroeconomics423
14BECO 1204History Of Economic Thought423
                                            YEAR 1I   SEMESTER 1    
15BBAC 1201Cost Accounting423
16BECO 2119Intermediate Microeconomics423
17BSTA 2104Probability And Statistics II423
18BMAT 2111Calculus II423
19BMAT 2109Linear Algebra423
20BSTA 2134Linear Models I423
21BBFI 2101Public Finance And Taxation423
                                        YEAR 1I   SEMESTER 1I    
22BCIT 2115Python Programming423
23BECO 2204Intermediate Macroeconomics423
24BSTA 2207Operations Research I423
25BSTA 2205Design And Analysis Of Sample Surveys423
26BSTA 2206Probability And Statistics III423
27BSTA 2235Linear Models II423
28BSTA 2237Econometrics I423
                                        YEAR 1II   SEMESTER 1   
29BECO 3101Advanced Microeconomic Theory423
30BSTA 3109Operations Research II423
31BSTA 3111Probability And Statistics IV423
32BSTA 3152Statistical Programming423
33BSTA 3110Statistical Data Analysis423
34BECO 3102Financial Economics423
35BSTA 3238Econometrics II423
                                      YEAR 1II   SEMESTER 11   
36BECO 3201Advanced Macroeconomic Theory423
37BECO 3202Agricultural Economics423
38BSTA 3221Theory Of Estimation423
39BSTA 3220Economic And Social Statistics423
40BECO 3204Monetary Theory And Practice423
41BSTA 3253Research Methodology423
42BSTA 3213Stochastic Processes423
 BUCU 3313Industrial Attachment (12 Weeks)423
                                        YEAR 1V   SEMESTER 1   
43BUCU 4108Entrepreneurship Skills423
44BSTA 4147Hypothesis Testing423
45BSTA 4150Research Project I423
46BECO 4108Transport Economics423
47BSTA 4117Applied Multivariate Analysis423
48BECO 4107Labor Economics423
                                          YEAR 1V   SEMESTER 1I
50BSTA 4116Time Series423
51BECO 4203International Economics423
52BECO 4201Environmental Economics423
53BSTA 4248Statistics And Big Data Analytics423
54BSTA 4251Research Project II423
55BECO 4202Health Economics423

University Bank Accounts

All payments to the institution are payable to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Equity Bank Kenya 

Co-operative Bank –Account No.01129062663600 (Karen Branch). The University does not accept cash payments

Equity Bank of Kenya-Account Number 1250277107862(Karen Supreme branch)

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