Aisha the Golf Chef-D’oeuvre

Barely 20 she has traversed the World playing golf. Kenya’s main stream newspaper sports’

Editors have written big headlines about her. She is a student at The Co-operative University of Kenya, 1st year pursuing Diploma in Public Relations. Golf. To some rural folk is a game hard to comprehend especially at a tender age in a typical African village. Aisha may never have dreamt she

Could fly high especially looking atherhumble background and the bankrolling that

Goes with the game. But what exactly motivates one to make daring attempts? To make big leap forwards in life? The story of a one young Aisha from the precincts of Isiolo can only be told back to back to roll over this rather big life dream come true. She believed she could, so she did!

Doing it since she was age 9, Aisha Duba Halake

Is a master at playing golf?

A Little girl’s normal life changes when the Kenya’s first lady golfer Rose Naliaka was scouting for young golfers as an initiative to giving back to society and girl-child empowerment. Knowing nothing about golf, Aisha was at first hesitant as she knew that it was a sport for the high, mighty and opulent in society which she definitely was not.

“When Rose visited our school, Jamhuri Primary, it came as a surprise that she was looking for young girls whom she would sponsors and provide equipment for as they start      their     golfing journey,”

Aisha recalls.

Grabbing the opportunity with both hand and not letting go to date, Aisha believed that Rose was God sent.   That

How her journey began.

She tells me that she has played almost all her life since she started when she was standard four pupil at Jamhuri Primary School in Parklands. She did

Her basics at Kenya Science Golf Course with the help of other golf coaches.

“It was very encouraging to find people who   were very supportive and encouraged me to play on at the golf courses,” says Aisha.

Her passion for the game has enabled Aisha travel far and wide to play golf all around the world. ”I have played in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia,

Zimbabwe,       Tunisia,       Malawi, Manchester, Sydney and a lot of golf courses within the country,” recalls Aisha

Coming from a humble background, it was not easy for her parents to provide transport for her and at some point suggested she abandon the sport. She did not play most of her high school years because of her studies. “When I joined secondary school I stopped playing because it was hard for me to juggle between school and playing. I started playing again this year.” She says.

She thanks God that she came across such an opportunity which has taught her a number of life lessons which she says she could not have known if it were not for the opportunity given to her.

She says that the government support has also been overwhelming especially when they are going out there to represent the country.

She concludes by encouraging other young ladies not to shy away from their talents and want they love to do. “When you fall, stand up,     dust

“It was very

Encouraging to find people who were very supportive and encouraged me to play on at the golf courses,”


Yourself and move on that’s the only way to reach your goal,” that is Aisha’s word of encouragement to everyone out there.

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