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Office of the Dean of Students

The office of the dean of students handles the affairs of the students in every institution of learning. The Co-operative University of Kenya, being a Public University has an established office of the   dean of students to handle affairs a role crucial for the well-being of the students.

At The Co-operative     University, students    gets multidimensional exposure to life within the scope of their students’ life. This is through the various services offered by the sections at the office of the dean of students. The office has the guidance and counseling department, the HIV/AIDS control unit, the sports departments, among others.

Students are guided to be responsible citizens and adults on their entry into the University. This is made possible through the students’ governing council, democratically elected by students, the various clubs and societies registered by the office of the dean of students among other establishments. It is important to appreciate that The Co-operative University of Kenya offers various opportunities and challenges that all help to mould students to be future responsible citizens.  Further, the learning environment around the University is conducive for academic engagement needed for an ideal university set up. It is a serene, quite suburb with good neighborliness, friendly staff among others.

I wish to assure the parents, guardians and our various stakeholders that The Co-operative University of Kenya provides conducive learning environment for its students and recognizes them as their key customers.

Guidance and Counseling Services

Guidance and counseling services at The Cooperative University of Kenya are lifelong services and programs offered at the institution for both students and staff that promote personal, social, educational and career development according to our mission. In life people encounter several challenges some of which individuals are unable to cope or adjust unless some intervention measures are put in place. As the youths transition from childhood to adulthood, some youths mature early while others mature late. Some youths do not accept that they are now adults and during this time, they suffer identify crisis. Some have prolonged adolescent problems and even some join university when they are below the age of 18 years.

Such students experience several issues, are curious to explore the world and may engage in drug and substance abuse and also teenage sexuality. As every action have its consequences, these leads to drug addictions, early and teenage pregnancies and as a result poor academic performance and worst of all dropping out of school.

The Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK) has put    in place support systems to assist both students and members of staff to cope or adjust to stressors of life such as; death of loved ones, relational problems among other life situations.

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