Building a Resilient and Sustainable University

The University Council chaired by Dr. Jeremy Bundi and the University Management board retreated for a workshop themed Building a Resilient and Sustainable University on 25-27 March 2024. The event held in Nakuru county sought to tackle the following areas of interest to the university: Understanding the Current University Education Landscape; Promoting Financial Resilience; Engaging Stakeholders and Partnerships; and CUK Productivity measurement and improvement.

Prof. A. Njuguna one of the facilitators sensitized the team on issues of resource mobilization frameworks for public universities/ Corporate and Industry Engagement as a catalyst for financial growth and sustainability and Fostering partnerships with external stakeholders(Industry, philanthropic organizations, alumni networks/international agencies). He went on to further emphasize the roles and responsibilities of the Council in Financial Management. John Mose also gave an overview of the resource mobilization within government systems tackling the critical topic of lobbying within the government budget cycles. Ms. Jane Maina from the National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre (NPCC) also sensitized the members on the CUK Productivity Mainstreaming Framework which seeks to shift the focus from just achieving the set Performance Contracting targets towards measuring the output/outcomes against the resources allocated to activity and tasks.

Speaking at the closing ceremony the Chairperson of the University Council indicated that the university was on the right track in ensuring that it remains resilient and sustainable appreciating the achievements that the University Management Board led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Kamau Ngamau has been able to achieve. He noted that more needs to be done and that the Council was very ready to provide the necessary support to assist the university attain all the commitments made not just in the 2023/2024 Performance Contracting Cycle but also as aspired in the Strategic Plan 2022-2027. He also welcomed two council members Ms. Peris Onsarigo and Mr. John Kihara.

The Vice-Chancellor on his part appreciated the guidance and wise counsel the University Council continues to provide, noting that a lot of changes are happening in the higher education sector and it is of paramount importance that as an organization we keep track of this changes.


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