Cuk Gdsc Members Learn Google Crowdsource

Friday 17th, March 2023 marked a significant milestone for the Co-operative University Google Development Students’ Club (GDSC) through a training workshop organized by Andrew Nderitu. The rejuvenated students converged at the University Computer Laboratory 3 at 11:30 AM. The Google Crowdsource event significantly depicted the growing relations between the Club and the Google community. This event occurred a week after Ms. Sandra Kuria engaged the students on Firebase Google technology.

Ms. Tabitha Kavyu (right) gifting GDSC Members with Crowdsource branded bags after the training.

The Google Crowdsource SSA Community Manager, Ms. Tabitha Kavyu, succinctly explained Crowdsource as a fun and easy method of using personal abilities to contribute to the building components of Artificial Intelligence. She integrated the Google Crowdsource Learning Community into the University and urged the students to remain abreast of the opportunities for learning novel techniques. From an engaging session, students learnt much about making contributions that positively impact Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). The facilitator, Ms. Kavyu, highlighted that Google Crowdsource has many benefits, such as undertaking and exploring machine learning certification and getting to connect with “Googlers” globally.



Ms. Tabitha Kavyu handing a Crowdsource-branded notebook to Dr. Shem Mbandu on 17th March 2023 in the presence of Andrew Nderitu (GDSC Lead) and CUK students.


After the session, the students who attended the workshop were gifted with Google Crowdsource branded merchandise and devoted themselves to joining the learning community to improve the world. Dr. Shem Mbandu, the university’s Director of the Directorate of Quality Assurance, attended the workshop and congratulated the facilitator for giving eye-opening insights and the students for availing themselves of the training.

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