CUK’s Kenya Rural Transformation Centres Digital Platform (KRTCDP) Project

On Wednesday, 8th March 2023, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Kamau Ngamau, met with the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Co-operatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MEMEs) Development, Hon. Simon K. Chelugui, EGH. The meeting was also attended by the PS State Department of Co-operatives, Mr. Patrick K. Kilemi. The University’s top management officials accompanying the Vice Chancellor were Prof. Isaac Nyamongo, The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ACDRI), Prof. Kennedy Waweru, and Dr. Lydia Mutua.

Prof. Kamau Ngamau and Hon. Simon K. Chelugui during the Wednesday 8th KRTCDP meeting at Mercure Hotel in Nairobi.

The meeting held in Mercure Hotel in Nairobi predominantly engaged discussions and deliberations on the strategic place of the Co-operative University of Kenya in spearheading the development of farmer co-operatives through Kenya Rural Transformation Centres Digital Platform (KRTDCP) through collaboration with the Ministry mentioned above. This project aims to increase productivity, boost profitability, and uphold sustainability within agricultural cooperatives, integrating small-holder farmers with other stakeholders in the farm input supplies, food production, and agriculture value chain.

Representatives of the University Management with CS, Hon. Chelugui, and the PS, Mr. Patrick Kilemi, pose for a group photo during Wednesday’s 8th meeting at Mercure Hotel – Nairobi.

PS Kilemi expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm for the initiative taken by the Co-operative University of Kenya in addressing the gaps within our society and making efforts to turn the situation of our country from a hunger-stricken nation into a food-secure country. He pledged the readiness of the State Department for Co-operatives to support the KRTDCP project since it ensures food security and empowers many Kenyans living below the poverty line through co-operative societies.


Cabinet Secretary Hon. Simon Chelugui signs the Visitor’s book before the commencement of the Wednesday 8th Meeting at Mercure Hotel – Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Also, Hon. Chelugui emphasised the intention of his Ministry to work very closely with the CUK in executing primary development goals through mutual engagements. The CS said, “I have gratitude to the leadership of The Co-operative University of Kenya for setting foot in the forefront in leading the reformation and transformation of the Co-operative Movements in this country.”

The Vice-Chancellor ascertained that through the endowment of knowledge, skills, and expertise, the University would ensure that farmer co-operatives benefit from the institution’s professionalism throughout the establishment, management enlightenment, and training. “With the support from your Ministry, Hon. Simon K. Chelugui, our university is prepared to gather the arsenal of vastly experienced academicians, including professors and doctors, in attaining this big vision of digitalising the agricultural production and marketing processes,” Prof. Ngamau said.

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