Novelty: The Innovations of 2024

Dr. Shem Mbandu (center seated) flanked by officials from ICT Authority (Ms. Damaris Mulinge and Ms. Diana Maina), CUK Staff, and Innovators after the award ceremony of the 3rd annual Career and Innovation Week 2024 on Friday, March 22, 2024, at our Main Campus, Karen-Nairobi.

By Meshack Ngangi

Career and Innovation Week 2024 was edified with creative novel inventions from our students and Oloolaiser Boys High School, one of the invited secondary schools, during the annual event.

The innovation projects that made it to the final competitions targeted to provide solutions to problems in accommodation, transportation, healthcare, hotel and hospitality management, job placement, event management, and healthcare.

The best overall winning innovation, Vena Vicio, was a project by Ruth Betty Kwara, a second-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science student. The innovation utilizes advanced near-infrared (NIR) technology, which provides healthcare professionals with a clear and accurate view of veins beneath the skin’s surface in real-time.

iKwetu, a student accommodation solution project, won the Best Male category award. This innovative website programme was developed and presented as a collaborative programming project by Reinhard Graham, Ivan Barasa, and Dawn Wandera.

Tiketi Tamasha by Rachael Wambui, a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology, presented this event management platform, which garnered the best overall female category.

Other innovations presented during the Career and Innovation Week 2024 included QMELTER, Thermoplastic Road Signs, ProVision job placement solutions, the Public Bus Management System, and the Urchin OBC.

The official judges during this competition of novel creations were Ms. Damaris Mulinge and Diana Maina from the ICT Authority.

The innovations of 2024 marked the conclusion of the Career and Innovation Week and serve as a testament to the competence of our academic programmes that endow learners with the proper skill set for industry readiness.

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