Remarks of the AG. Vice Chancellor, Cuk, Prof. Kamau Ngamau During the Orientation of the Fresh Kuccps Diploma Students on 19th May, 2017 in Nordic Hall at 1400 Hours

The Deputy Vice Chancellors:

Academic Affairs, Prof. Emily Achieng Akuno

Finance, Planning and Administration Prof. Esther Magiri

Co-operative Development, Research and Innovation Prof. Isaac Nyamongo

The Registrars,02

The Deans of Schools

Directors of Campuses institutes and Directories

Members of the academia

Other members of staff

Students’ leaders present

Our new students

Ladies and gentlemen,


This afternoon, I am delighted to welcome you to The Co-operative University of Kenya. We are happy seeing young, energetic and enthusiastic men and women ready for higher education. Thank you for choosing this great University to shape your careers. This will be your home for the next couple of years!


Dear freshmen and women,

Allow me to congratulate for your performance in KCSE last year. You are the few we selected based on your performance among the thousands who had chosen to be here. As you may be aware this is not just any other university. We are known for the quality of graduates who come out of here for many years.  I wish to reiterate and remind you right from the beginning that quality education is of essence. I am aware earlier in the day; you have interacted with various heads of sections and departments who gave you guidance on your stay here.


I note with appreciation that since you came, we have not had any challenges and complaints. We are a student-centered University with an open door policy. Further take note that we have elaborate structures as you have been advised for communication and handling conflicts in case they rise.

As you join The Co-operative University of Kenya, we are all in pursuit of a co-operative family. We live united and happy together. That is the spirit of a co-operative family. We will offer you the best to our ability. I am moved to believe your dreams shall come true if you remain faithful to them.

Dear students,

We train students not to be job seekers but job creators. We train entrepreneurs.  The earlier you tune your minds to this principal the better. To objectify this, our flagship project of a purely managed students’ Sacco is up and running; the Co-operative University Students Sacco is fully owned and managed by our University Students. This is the first of its kind. I encourage you to learn a savings’ culture, practice responsible and accountable leadership. This will inculcate in you the skills that you will learn in your lecture halls.

As freshmen and women joining this University, you are well aware that Universities are centers of academic excellence. Ours is not only a centre of excellence abut over and above all our VISION STATEMENT is very clear; we yearn to be a leading global University in training, Research and Innovation for Co-operative development.

Freshmen and Women,

As a community of scholars, we value discipline. We value integrity more so academic integrity. I call upon all of you to conduct yourselves maturely. I wish to remind you that you came from your homes alone and alone you will go to the job market at the end of your programme. Most of the times, you start schooling as many but at the need of the session, most of the time some are filtered by the system. I urge you to be our good ambassadors in and out of this University.

I am confident that The Co-operative University of Kenya is committed to provision of quality education as our core mandate remains unmatched.

Once again welcome to The Co-operative University of Kenya.

I wish you a prosperous academic life ahead.

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