USHERING A NEW ERA: Andrew passes on the GDSC’s Lead Baton to Ms. Kwara

By Dr. Shem Mbandu and Meshack Ngangi

The Co-operative University of Kenya’s Google Development Student Club (GDSC) has been at the helm of the clubs and societies for the last two years, owing to the insightful mentorship of Dr. Shem Mbandu and the leadership of the immediate former Lead, Andrew Nderitu. This indomitable group of like-minded tech-savvy students has seen growth and achievement of tremendous milestones through relentless dedication by members and efficient leadership that has earned admiration across the institution and won unwavering support from the University’s administration.

A new era has downed for the GDSC, with Ms. Ruth Kwara assuming the noble role of GDSC Lead at The Co-operative University of Kenya. This opportunity opened after the tenure of Andrew Nderitu ended this year in July; now, Ms. Kwara takes over the Club’s Lead from August 2023 through July 2024. The big question is whether Kwara will fit in Andrew’s shoes or whether Andrew’s shoes will be small for her. Time will remain the ultimate judge to deliver this verdict and provide an answer to this colossal interrogation.

Ms. Ruth Kwara, a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at The Co-operative University of Kenya and the current GDSC Lead at the University, the new appointee to succeed Andrew Nderitu.

Great expectations constitute the front face for Ms. Kwara as the new GDSC Lead. Her efforts in facilitating and playing a pivotal role in fostering technical education and practical skills development among GDSC Members is a constant and paramount aspect of her leadership. Her primary responsibilities include organizing, coordinating, and hosting technical workshops that enrich student members’ knowledge of emerging technologies.

The fundamental purpose of these workshops is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge, practical application, and real-life utilization of technological skills in solving world challenges across all fields. Also, the GDSC training sessions seek to provide students with hands-on experience, valuable insights, and exposure to the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Implementing Google Developer Student Club’s programmes at The Co-operative University of Kenya is poised to benefit the student community that spans Computing and Mathematics, Co-operative and Community Development, Business, and Economics faculties. These programs will equip students with the skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities necessary to thrive in the competitive job market. By participating in GDSC activities, students will gain exposure to real-world projects, industry trends, and collaboration with peers who share their passion for technology.

Ms. Kwara assumes the prominent role of GDSC Lead from Andrew Nderitu, who, throughout his leadership tenure, effected significant achievements for the Club and at an individual level. Under his stewardship, the GDSC community at The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK) benefitted magnanimously from numerous Google events that he organized. Andrew’s fervent and effortless dedication to fostering a thriving tech community on campus has been commendable.

As a University, we take pride in the notable achievement during Andrew Nderitu’s time as GDSC Lead at CUK, where he steered his team’s victorious participation in the UNESCO INDIA – AFRICA Hackathon, emerging the best in their Category. This coordinated milestone showcased the team’s exceptional, innovative skills and solution-oriented thinking in the tech and development sphere.

Ink on paper cannot conclusively pen down the outstanding contributions of Andrew Nderitu as the immediate former GDSC Lead at CUK. This iconic student and super Lead, Andrew Nderitu, was awarded the Google Developers Student Club’s Impact Amplifier Award, a testament to his remarkable impact as the GDSC Lead at CUK. His commitment to empowering students and achieving excellence in the tech community has left a lasting and irrefutable legacy, and his contributions will continue to inspire and benefit the University’s future generations.

We, the GDSC members at The Co-operative University of Kenya, warmly congratulate Ruth Kwara on her appointment as GDSC Lead. We firmly believe her dedication, leadership, and enthusiasm for technology education will positively impact the CUK student fraternity. We wish her a successful and rewarding tenure as she guides students on their journey to becoming proficient and sought-after professionals in technology.

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