Varsity Holds 4th Graduation Ceremony With High Growth Prospects

The 4th Graduation ceremony of The Co-operative University College of Kenya comes shortly after the university college has completed four years since elevation to a Constituent College of JKUAT on 4th November, 2011, being the first University College in Kenya focusing on training, research and consultancy in the field of co-operative.

A total of 548 students were awarded various diplomas and certificates in Cooperative Management on the 20th November, 2015. The ceremony was presided over by the chancellor of JKUAT Prof. Geoffrey Ole Maloiy. Being a young institution, this was an important event in the University calendar. When the institution was elevated to a Constituent College 4 years ago there was only one diploma programme offered in the institution; the number of programmes offered in the University College has been increased to 16 programmes, four degree programmes, 12 diplomas and 3 certificate programmes. This is while maintaining the unique niche in the field of Co-operative training, research and extension.

Over the period, the institution has witnessed a steady increase in student enrolment; from a population of about 780 students in 2011/2012, the student- population has grown by over 400% increase in enrollment. Over the 4 year period, the CUCK has established collaborations with different organizations locally and internationally, which are beneficial to progress of the University. Locally, CUCK has signed MOUs with Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Meru County Government, Taita-Taveta County Government, Co-operative Alliance of Kenya and SACCO Societies’ Regulatory Authority (SASRA). Internationally , CUCK has collaborated with World Council of Credit Unions- WOCCU, Mondragon University, Spain; Pardview University in USA; International Co-operative Alliance; Union of Somalia Co-operative Movement; These collaborations, through the MOUs signed have direct benefits for our University now and in future.

CUCK has further set a firm foundation for research in the wider field of Co-operatives and Co-operative Business Management through establishment of research fund for facilitating academic staff in the University to do research and disseminate their findings for use in improving operations of co-operatives and related businesses. Towards this end, in the 2014/2015 financial year, CUCK has funded 8 different studies focusing on Co-operative Business.

CUCK has further made bold first towards an inclusive University; open to all persons living with different disabilities. The University has admitted the first crop of students living with visual disabilities. Working together, the Council, Management, staff and students of The Co-operative University College of Kenya have clearly drawn plans for moving the University forward.

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