A New Dawn for Data Analysis !

The concept of innovation has become the emblem of our age, lauded as a panacea for resolving all societal issues and self-evidently presupposed as technological innovation. With that said,  We are proud to say that The Co-operative University has staff and students who are very innovative and always work towards solving societal issues, particularly in the Education Industry.

Recently, our very own senior lecturer, Dr. Shem Mbandu Angolo, who is the  Director, the  Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance & Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology did a very impressive innovative presentation on data Management at the first International annual conference for the Public Universities Chairpersons of council, Vice-Chancellors and Principals of constituent Colleges.

Dr. Shem Mbandu Angolo proposed a Higher Education Management Information System (Hemis), which will house all data in higher learning institutions and will be used to provide accurate and reliable data that will be used to inform policies, provide data security, be a single source of truth for all stakeholders, and provide a student tracking system, to name a few.

With the adoption of this proposal, the massive data generated from higher education institutions , will be centralized and be used to make major decisions and formulate both institutional and national level policies.

With that said and done, we are proud to have very innovative members of staff at The Co-operative University of Kenya, and we pledge to continue supporting great ideas. Ideas that will not only solve problems within our institution, but also beyond it.

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