Tales and Tells of Orientation Week

On the 14th day of September 2022, The Co-operative University of Kenya welcomed its newest and youngest family, known to many as ‘freshas’. The students, accompanied by their parents, braved the cold and chilly Nairobi weather and made their way into school very early in the morning. Brown envelopes were the order of the day as the students carried their admission letters along with other necessary documents and materials required as per their calling letters. Long queues clearly could not be avoided as a result of the large number of students joining in. The school was a bee-hive of activities as the admission process commenced.

The school management carried out the admission process smoothly with no glitches. Smiling faces were noted as the students were happy to join the University of their Choice, a place they would refer to as home for the next several years. Parents too were happy souls to see their boys and girls get to pursue their next stage in life and only hope to see them as prosperous adults. As a University, it was also a big joy to see many families grow.

Some students referred to the university as a peaceful and chilled place to study. The Corporate Communications and Marketing department was able to interview a few students and one said “I love this weather, the breeze is cool and the environment is clean. The place gives a serene feeling.” Those were the most stated statement that was heard around the campus.

The Co-operative University of Kenya is very delighted to receive you all as you take a step ahead in life. We are here and will be here to help you develop and become better people in society. We look forward to having awesome 2 or 4 years ahead and we wish you good luck in your various courses.

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