Varsity Gets Into an M.O.U With the Mother Ministry

The Co-operative University of Kenya on 11th August signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development on strategic partnership and capacity building. Speaking during the signing of the MOU, the PS MoIED Dr. Wilson Songa said this would serve as the new begging to catapult the co-operative movement in Kenya to clinch the best position globally. He noted the mandate of the Co-operative university college of Kenya was key to economic growth in training over 16,000 co-operative and Sacco societies countrywide. Dr. Songa reiterated that a sector controlling over Kshs. 500 Billion in the economy need to be run more professionally than ever before, a role he said the University College must take as an obligation. The Principal of The Co-operative University College of Kenya Prof. Douglas Shitanda marked that the co-operative movement and the university have in history worked closely and that the signing of the MOU will cement this relationship to the best. Dr. Gladys Mwiti, the chairman of the university college council reiterated the strong support from the council in supporting initiatives to strengthen the co-operative movement in the country. She remarked that this is one of the most progressive documents that will be taken seriously to rep maximum benefits from both sides of the parties.

THE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) is intended to set out an arrangement for establishing and maintaining a partnership between the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development (MOIED) and the Co-operative University College of Kenya (CUCK) whose aim is the development of the Co-operative movement through training, joint activities, exchange of information, consultancy, research and related development, and any other areas that may be agreed upon from time to time.

The objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding are;

  1. To provide technical expertise and co-operation in specific areas to be mutually agreed upon;
  2. To encourage sharing of information and exchange visits between CUCK lecturers and officers of the MOIED in the areas to be mutually agreed upon;
  3. To undertake joint research, innovation and development activities as and when necessary;
  4. CUCK to provide training facilities for MOIED as and when requested for local and International Government trainees on terms to be mutually agreed upon from time to time;
  5. MOIED to provide student industrial experience through internship;
  6. To work on values, andragogical model and technical assistance required by clients to rejuvenate, transform and enhance their service, profitability and sustainability;
  7. To transfer, benchmark and disseminate modern co-operative business models for best practices;
  8. To undertake value addition training and methodologies for improved productivity and income generation;
  9. To enhance Local, County, National and International networking and partnership building for the benefit of the parties and the country at large;
  10. To undertake initiatives that may influence policy formulation for the Co-operative movement.

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