Varsity Joins the World to Mark 92nd International Co-operatives Day Celebrations

Saturday 5th July, 2014 was it; the day over 1 billion co-operators marked with pomp and color the International Co-operatives day. In Kenya, the home of Co-operatives in Africa, co-operators from all the corners of the country converged at the  KICC to mark this important day. The theme for this year’s Ushirika day celebrations is “Co-operative Enterprises Achieve Sustainable Development for all”.

The Cabinet Secretary in charge of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, the docket that houses the department of Co-operatives, Aden Mohamed graced the occasion flanked by leaders of the Co-operative movement in Kenya among the chairman of the Co-operatives Alliance of Kenya, CEO of the Co-operatives Alliance of Kenya among others.

The co-operative university college of Kenya being the premier co-operative education, training and research leader in Kenya for over half a century now did join the celebration with the principal Prof. Douglas Shitanda leading them. The University choir led the entertainment crew in marking the day as the students joined thousands of co-operators in the walk for co-operatives.

The University also show-cased the courses offered in an exclusive exhibition organized by the national Shirika day celebrations council at the KICC grounds.

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