Knowledge for Development – Mou Signing

The Co-operative University of Kenya through the Division of Co-operative Development, Research and Innovation (CDRI) has partnered and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Knowledge for Development Partnership (KDP) based in Vienna Austria, Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) And Knowledge City Limited (KCL) in a partnership aimed at enhancing research and innovation.

The MoU is intended to set out an arrangement of establishing and maintaining a partnership between the parties whose aim is to define wider relationships towards joint engagements in knowledge management, research and publications, fundraising activities, capacity building workshops, development of academic programs, student internships and staff exchange programs among others.

Prof. Kamau Ngamau exchanges the signed MoU with Ms Pauline Wanjiku.

This partnership will see the organizations collaborate and develop various programs and opportunities that will promote and facilitate the formation of a Kenyan knowledge partnership that will foster dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders and advance the Kenyan knowledge society and promote knowledge. The parties have committed to organize an annual knowledge week that will develop opportunities for training and consultancy in knowledge management and cooperative management and development. It is through such partnerships and events that linkages, attachment and internship opportunities for our students and faculty shall be established which will lead to the overall goal of creating a conducive environment for knowledge creation.

Further, the MoU will see the organizations bringing their resources together in co-hosting of thematic workshops, conferences and events and the development of outreach activities on thematic areas to institutions, national government, county governments, other state agencies, private corporates, non-profit organizations and development partners.

This partnership is expected to take 3 years and shall be renewed by mutual agreement as to the parties. This collaboration will be a great boost for the university and is in line with the vision of the University; To be a Leading University in Co-operative Training, Education, Research and Innovation.

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