Launch of the Leadership for Change On-Line Training Programme


The Chief Guest, Senior Assistant Commissioner, State Department of Co-operatives – Madam Priscilla Maraga,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to join you this morning on the occasion of the launch of the Leadership for Change in the management of co-operatives; an online programme to be continuously implemented by CUK and supported by the WE–EFFECT. I wish,  first  of  all,  to  take  this  opportunity,  to  congratulate  the We-Effect team for supporting this programme  at this prime time when the co-operative sector is faced with challenges of leadership as evidenced by leadership crisis, collapse of some cooperatives, doubts on competence and integrity of leaders, Government control and political patronage. There is however, great hope in the future of co-operatives in Kenya with proper legislation, good leadership and continued government support.

Chief Guest,

It is worthwhile to mention that many managers and leaders of Co-operatives, and other member based organizations are ill prepared for various tasks, entrepreneurship challenges and teamwork. Further, some elected leaders lack leadership and management skills. Some of these challenges have continued to paralyse operations in cooperatives.

Over and above that, a majority of co-operatives have been able to hold their leaders and managers accountable for their actions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you are all aware, the business environment has become turbulent due to increased competition, globalization, rapid change in customers’ needs and change of business model. There are two alternatives available; adapt to the changing environment or collapse.  To survive, Co-operatives must adapt to the changing environment through innovation and creativity. This requires a breed of leaders that are charismatic, visionary, and entrepreneurial, who inspire hope and trust, loyalty and leaders that are capable of handling change and dynamics when forces intervene from a changing environment.

Chief Guest,

The online programme that we are launching today is as a result of innovative ideas by CUK and WE- Effect to strategically address the leadership crisis in our institutions. This online programme (LMS & DCPs) will empower more leaders and members of the Co-operative movement, County Governments and other community based organizations; this in-turn will strengthen our institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am happy to note that today we are joined by the ongoing LFC class of 32 LFC trainees who are commencing their arena two today. This team is composed of leaders from various co-operatives and community based organizations. The team will graduate in December 2018. We remain hopeful that by the time they graduate they should have evidence of 10 trained staff in their respective institutions.

Further, I am informed that we have a class of 30 students to be trained on the LFC programme beginning September 2018. These are students who have demonstrated leadership skills in their various departments. They are expected to complete the programme by December 2018 and be certified as ToTs.

Chief Guest,

I am happy to note that a number of academic staff of the Co-operative University of Kenya have been trained on this programme, its training methodology and more are being trained for sustainability. In the current LFC class we have 4 staff undergoing the training. In addition we have a fully pledged directorate of e-Learning with over 30 staff supporting over 150 modules online. This is an indication that CUK is well equipped to execute the face to face LFC training and the eLearning mode.

To all LFC trainees, I know you are being  equipped for the task ahead,  go out there and pass this knowledge to as many people as possible and this will strengthen our institutions.

With those few remarks, allow me to wish you a fruitful stay here at CUK. This is the university moving fast and forward in caning the leadership and Co-operative narrative in Kenya and Africa. I wish you the best

God Bless You

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