Remarks of the Vice Chancellor, the Co-operative University of Kenya, Prof. Kamau Ngamau, on the Occasion of the Orientation of New Students on Friday, October 22, 2021, New Lecturer Theatre at 11.00 Am

Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor,  Academic Affairs, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Co-operative Development, Research, and Innovation, Prof Isaac Nyamongo

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance, Planning, and Administration, Prof Esther Gicheru


Deans and Directors

Professors of the University

Members of staff present,

Our partners from the various professional bodies present

CEO KISEB Dr Fred Ongise

CEO KIB Mr. Douglas Omollo

Student leaders, Madam Maisha

New students,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I am delighted to join my colleagues in welcoming a new cohort of students joining The Co-operative University of Kenya for academic pursuit.  Allow me to commend you for the choice you made to be here. We appreciate the faith and trust you have in this University and we shall endeavor to deliver as per your expectations.

The Co-operative University of Kenya is a Public University and is one of the oldest institutions of learning in Kenya and in the region whose history dates back to 1952. The University acquired her charter to a fully-fledged and chartered public university on 7th October of 2016. A few weeks ago we celebrated our 5th Anniversary as a Chartered University. This University has been mandated with training for the vast Co-operative sector in Kenya which commands over 45% of the Nation’s GDP by engaging in training, research, and innovation that is aimed at creating solutions for the movement and other related fields. This only goes to show you how important this institution is with regard to the growth of our economy and the huge responsibility that is placed on your shoulders to realise the dreams and aspirations of this great nation.

Freshmen and Women,

Allow me to congratulate you for your excellent academic performance that has enabled you to be placed in the CUK. We have a team of dedicated and qualified faculty and support staff who will guide you during your stay here and are keen to give you the best experience during your stay. I wish to assure you that our operations as a University are student-centered and no efforts are spared to enable our students achieve their dreams and exploit their full potential. This year we admitted 1,763 students for both degrees and diplomas. The Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics, Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, and the Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science are being launched during this year’s intake. I congratulate you for being our pioneer students. This will go a long way in addressing Kenya’s manpower needs.

It is important to note that we are in a very uncertain place owing to the global pandemic and the challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus Disease also known as COVID-19. As a university, we have put in place the necessary measures that will allow us to disseminate the skills and knowledge that are required to mold you into an all-round graduate who can remain competitive in the ever-changing workplace. The University has heavily invested in ICT technology and equipment all aimed at ensuring teaching and learning goes on uninterrupted and that your experience with us is seamless and effective. You will note that we have adopted a blended approach to teaching and learning at the university all in a bid to ensure the protection of our faculty and students from the Coronavirus. I wish to urge all of us to embrace technology in our activities. As such a laptop is a requirement for all our students. Kindly ensure that you all have a gadget. The university is working with various providers who can supply laptops to interested students at subsidized prices. This will be the surest way of ensuring that we deliver on the promise as espoused in our slogan: quality co-operative education and training.

The university has partnered with various professional organizations and bodies in a bid to ensure we produce all-round graduates. We will, later on, launch some professional courses and programmes available for you to enroll in. Professional courses by their nature are aimed at giving you an insight into what will be expected of you once you have completed your studies. In some instances, for example, in the Accounting profession, you will be required to have registered and done a professional course called Certified Public Accountant for you to append your signature in any Accounts. We have partnered with professional organizations such as KASNEB (Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board), KISM (Kenya Institute of Supplies Management), and KSPC (Kenya Society of Professional Co-operators) to offer various professional courses. We are in the advanced stages of signing partnership agreements with KIB (Kenya Institute of Banking) and (IHRM) Institute of Human Resource Management to have their professional courses offered at the university. Today we are happy and pleased to launch the following professional programmes that are available for you to enroll in right from the onset:

  1. Certified Co-operative Professionals (CCOP)
  2. Certified Procurement and Supplies Professionals of Kenya (CPSP-K)
  3. Associate in Procurement and Supplies Professional of Kenya (APSP-K)
  4. Certified Secretary (CS)
  5. Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA-K)
  6. Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA)
  7. Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD)

I implore all of you to enroll for these professional courses at the earliest and ready yourselves for the job market. I can promise you that those who graduate with a degree and a professional course always have an upper hand during recruitments.

Freshmen and women

Our University is a reputable institution in Kenya and the region and as such you will find academic life here demanding; our training and efforts to produce competent graduates remains our key priority. You have come here with one objective; academic pursuit. Your success here is dependent on your hard work, focus, and personal effort; You need to remember that you are a student 24/7 365 days per year. Keep away from trouble and trouble will keep away from you. I know you have been warned about drug and alcohol abuse and the issues of examination irregularities. You have been taken through the student regulations. Kindly ensure that you comply. I know a lot has been said over the last two days of your orientation that I have no intention of repeating.

Information, as they say, is power and such I would advise that you ensure you always keep yourselves updated with University events and activities. Visit our website on a regular basis to find out what activities and events the University is having, the MoU’s that we have engaged in and leverage on the opportunities thereof. Follow us and like our pages on our official social media platforms; Twitter: @CoopVarsityKE; Facebook: @CoopVarsityKE and; Instagram: @Coop_University. We are alive to the critical role social media plays in modern-day society and more so during these uncertain times and as such, we share important information and communications on these social media platforms. Feel free to engage us on all our communication channels, we appreciate the personalized touch they present and information and concerns shared will be addressed with utmost diligence. Activate your student email address this will be a critical channel with which information and important communication will be shared.

Freshmen and women

We appreciate that sometimes we may fall short of your expectations or if you may feel that there is some important information you wish to disclose to us. We have an open-door policy and appropriate channels which are available for use when you wish to communicate with us. Feel free to walk into any office in this great university and share your ideas and views with us. We do not treat complaints negatively but as an opportunity for you as our customer to give us feedback. Compliments on the other hand give us a pat on our backs on the areas we have done well. As such, if you have any compliments and/or complaints, please feel free to write to us via our official social media platforms and the email: or via our online Compliments/Complaints register that can be accessed via our official website (

As I conclude,

I urge you all to strike a healthy balance between your academics and other activities. Enjoy your time at University, learn all you can, make friends, and make the best use of your time. Let us all take care of ourselves even as we conduct our studies. Let us keep social distance and minimize travel to only that which is absolutely essential and always ensure that you wear a mask whenever you are traveling or in a crowded place. We all need to be our brothers’ (sisters’) keeper and the best way to achieve that is by ensuring we maintain hand hygiene by regularly washing our hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizers. The fight against COVID-19 is a collective responsibility and we all are required to play our part in flattening the curve. Make use of all the hand washing and sanitizing facilities that have been placed in various places across the entire University. The University has organized the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine today Friday 22nd October 2021 at the University Dispensary between 10.00 a.m and 4.00 p.m. All members of staff, students, and the CUK community above 18 years are eligible for vaccination.

You are further informed that the following types of vaccine will be available: AstraZenecaPfizer, and Moderna. You may either register online or at the vaccination point

With those few remarks, I wish you all a fruitful learning experience at The Co-operative University of Kenya. Thank you very much for choosing us as your partner in your academic journey.

I wish you well and may our God, the Giver of everything Bless you.

Stay Safe | Practice Social Distancing | Maintain Hand Hygiene | Always wear a Mask | Get Vaccinated

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