Chief Guest, The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives, Hon. Peter Munya

The CAS MOE and PS State Department of University Education and Research, Prof. Collete Suda

The Chairpersons of the university councils present

The Co-operative University of Kenya Council Members,

The Vice Chancellor of the Co-operative University of Kenya, Prof. Kamau Ngamau

Vice Chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors of other Universities present

Deputy Vice Chancellors of CUK

Distinguished guests and leaders of the co-operative movement,

Parents and guardians

Our 2019 Graduands

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is my pleasure to preside over this 4TH Graduation Ceremony of The Co-operative University of Kenya. This marks a major milestone in the history of this University having navigated herself through a myriad of challenges in the foundational stages. Allow me to also take this opportunity to congratulate the graduating class of 2019 for this great achievement.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, a total of 2,835 graduands will be conferred degrees and awarded diplomas and certificates. These graduates have been well moulded not only to fit in the labour market locally and globally but also as entrepreneurs and managers to move this nation’s economy forward. I challenge you graduands not to lay back; you have been appropriately groomed to give positive contributions to the nation-building of our motherland. Today is a testimony of your hard work and the fulfilment of the mandate of The Co-operative University of Kenya.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Any institution is a great as the partnership it has and I wish, at this juncture to acknowledge and appreciate the partners and stakeholders of the University. We as a university are committed to forming lasting partnerships as anchored in the sixth co-operative principle of “Cooperation among co-operatives”. These partnerships will help us in executing our mandate and ensuring that our products and services remain relevant in the ever-changing co-operative ecosystem. It is by creating these lasting partnerships that we shall be able together to create a formidable force in the region and globally and maintain the pole position as a leader in the co-operative movement. Our partnerships go across the various fields of training, consultancies and research and together I firmly believe we shall see the realization of the SDG’s and Vision 2030.

Chief Guest,

We as a university are eager to form a partnership that will see the realization of the co-operative museum that will be part of the Learning Resource Center. This museum I must say will be core to preserving our rich co-operative history that by and large has remained unpreserved. We, therefore, would wish to partner with your ministry to ensure that the co-operative movement rallies behind this great initiative by availing the necessary resources required to achieve this great dream. The University is eager and willing to have a workable formula and strategy to tap into the resources available in the over 22,000 registered co-operatives and will soon be knocking on your doors looking to collaborate on this wonderful journey. The end goal of this great institution is to become a premier institution of training,  research, dissemination and preservation of the co-operative knowledge and we are of the firm belief that the Co-operative Museum, a first in the world, will go a long way in helping us realize the same. We, therefore, welcome partnership ideas and discussion.

Dear graduands,

I want to make a passionate appeal to you to join the Co-operative University Alumni Association. We have had great and amazing stories that are a result of a strong Alumni Association. I am informed that the University has created an entire Directorate that is aimed at strengthening the CUK Alumni Association. Take advantage of this great opportunity to forge a partnership with what has now become your alma mata. It is through these kinds of bodies that we are able to track and trace our graduates and keep an account of the strides and achievements they are making. Feel free to involve the University as a partner in your research and consultancy work. Leverage on the experience of your lecturers to write research proposals and access funding and grants for research work and projects. My prayer is that one day we shall have a strong alumni association that is able to put up an academic complex that is dedicated to making the university better than you found it. We have heard success stories from alumni associations around the world who have put up research funds and grants and even supported needy students. My challenge to you all, therefore, is to request all of us to join and support the Alumni Association which will then allow you to make the changes, if any, you so desire.

Ladies and gentlemen

Finally, I commend graduands for the hard work that has enabled them to achieve what has brought us here this day. Do not take this achievement lightly. This is the beginning of your lifelong journey into the world of work and professionalism. Embrace this with vigour and enthusiasm. Channel this energy into serving humanity along the path of your life with honesty and high level of integrity. This is what is going to distinguish them from those who had no opportunity to access this privileged training that your guardians and parents struggled to get you through.

Thank you and May God bless you all

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