Third Regional Co-operative Value Chain Symposium

The Agri and Co-operative Training and Consultancy Services (ATC), the Corporate arm of the Co-operative University College of Kenya (CUCK) in collaboration with the Directorate of Co-operative Development and Marketing in the State Department of Industrialization and Enterprise Development (MoIED), Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Co-operative Insurance Group, have scheduled to hold the Third Regional Co-operative Value Chain Symposium on 13th to 15th November, 2013. The venue is the Co-operative Bank Management Centre in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya The theme of this year’s symposium is “Good Governance for Competitive Co-operative Enterprises and Value Chains”, which takes cognizance of the critical requirement for integrity and leadership in the governance of institutions. We are happy to have you as a partner in the advancement of good governance practices. We are expecting to have more than 350 participants attending the three-day event.The objectives of this year’s unique event are:-

Provide a platform to discuss and recommend practical solutions to governance challenges facing co-operative enterprises.

Afford participants an opportunity to showcase their products, innovations, concepts and case studies.

Network and share knowledge and experiences.

Highlight opportunities for investments in co-operatives and value chains

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