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Mr. Duncan Nyale appointed as a member of the taskforce on development of the data protection (general) regulations

Mr. Duncan Nyale,from the Co-operative university of kenya (best universities in kenya) an Assistant Lecturer in our School of Computing and Mathematics has been appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications, Technology, Innovation, and Youth Affairs, Mr. Joe Mucheru, EGH, MBS, as a member of the  Taskforce on the Development of the Data Protection, General Regulations through the Kenya Gazette Notice Dated January 15, 2020Click here to access the Gazette Notice 

Mr. Duncan Nyale, Assistant Lecturer, School of Computing and Mathematics (SCM)

The Terms of Reference of the Task Force are to:


  1. Undertake a comprehensive audit of the Data Protection Act, 2019;
  2. Identify any gaps or inconsistencies in the Data Protection Act, 2019 and the Data Protection Policy and propose specific review requirements;
  3. Propose any new policy, legal and institutional framework that may be required to implement the Data Protection Act, 2019;
  4. develop the Data Protection (General) Regulations;
  5. Sensitize stakeholders and the public on the Data Protection (General) Regulations;
  6. Undertake stakeholder and public consultation on the Data Protection, General, Regulations; and
  7. Undertake any other activities required for the effective discharge of its mandate.

The University Council, Management Board, Senate, Staff, and Students take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nyale for this great appointment and wish the entire taskforce success as they set out on the Development of the Data Protection, General Regulations.

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