University Smart Card for Students

The University is in the process of migrating all students (JAB and SSP) to the HELB Enabled Smart Cards beginning this September. The smart card is a compulsory requirement for all HELB applicants in order to receive loan, this implies that all HELB funds will henceforth be disbursed to students’ smart card. The smart cards will be used for the following purposes.

  1. Student Identity Card.
  2. Student Fees payment- The card will contain three wallet as indicated below
  3. Tuition wallet-This will be loaded with tuition fees only. It will be restricted exclusively for fees use. It will be swiped at Cash office point of sale terminal.
  4. Upkeep wallet- This will be used to load the HELB balance for student’s upkeep
  5. Open wallet- This can be used by Parents/Guardians to load student’s pocket
  6. Library Access, Exam Access, and Lecture Access.
  7. Cafeteria access.
  8. Accommodation.

The students are hereby advised that HELB will give priority to those students with smart card during fund disbursement. The Smart Card shall be issued at a cost of KSH. 500.00 which shall be recovered from the funds disbursed by HELB.

All students are urged to visit the ICT Support office to apply and register for the cards to facilitate printing.

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University bank accounts

All payments to the institution are payable to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Equity Bank Kenya
Co-operative Bank –Account No.01129062663600 (Karen Branch). The University does not accept cash payments
Equity Bank of Kenya-Account Number 1250277107862(Karen Supreme branch)
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