Varsity Graduates 1,204 on the 2nd Graduation Fete

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The Co-operative University of Kenya has graduated its 2nd cohort of graduates in a colorful graduation ceremony at its Main Campus in Karen on Friday 2nd December 2017. The function was presided over by the Ag. Chancellor Dr. Ibrahim Ali who is also the University’s Council Chairman. A total of 1, 204 graduates were conferred with various degrees while others were awarded diplomas and certificates.
Speaking at the function, Dr. Ali reiterated the Council’s commitment in supporting quality education and training at the university noting that if graduates have to make positive impacts in the society, they had to be well equipped not only for the job market but also in life. He further urged the graduands to remain focused in making use of their skills and give back to the society.
Representing the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education, the CUE Chairperson Prof. Chacha Nyagoiti Chacha noted that the Co-operative university of Kenya is playing a key role in Kenya’s economy while training for the Kenya’s vast co-operative movement. He urged CUK to remain focused on rolling out high quality of graduates as the co-operative sector requires not only qualified workforce but also persons of high integrity.
CUK’s Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Kamau Ngamau speaking at the function reiterated the University’s commitment to ensure high caliber of graduates are churned out to the market every year. Prof. Ngamau noted that CUK is on remarkable progressive since award of a University Charter adding that this growth is as a result of team work and support from the government and the University Council. He added that the university is rolling out new degree programmes at both undergraduate and post graduate levels in the coming academic year.

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